The way we feed our cats and dogs matters

Prior to the 1950, and still in many places in the world people feed their dogs and cats meat, offal, raw milk, eggs, fish, chicken and bones. In nature they hunt and eat mostly meat providing a balance of nutrient rich food.

A chocolate lab in Portugal lived to be 31, 2023. 

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It became clear to me in the early 1990s that there was something not good about what we were feeding our dogs and cats; they were and still are having a lot of health problems causing suffering and pain and an early death.

My journey into animal nutrition came out of my studies at Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition a certified program during the early 1990s in Santa Cruz, California. While living in Santa Cruz we had two cats and one dog and one of our cats had a compromised immune system which made me look into holistic dog and cat care. I read as many books as I could find written by veterinarians and others who were feeding a raw food diet and prepared meals, making food for my cats and dog. In 2001 I met a breeder of Weimaraner and talked to him for over an hour about why he began a raw pet food line and feeds his dogs’ raw food, this was at raw pet food store in Vancouver, BC. I read books on herbs for pets and took herbals classes which included herbs for dogs and cats and I learned massage and acupressure and applied it to my dogs and cats. When my husband and I founded Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions a dispensary and clinic in Victoria, BC, Canada for humans and animal friends I dedicated my time volunteering by seeing 1000s of people with health concerns regarding their animal friend/s (2003-2012). I still volunteer my time assisting those who want to feed their animal friend a species appropriate diet and use herbal remedies.

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