Self Care

Self-care is about the food we eat, movement, finding quiet time and knowing when we need help. For some it may be adding supplements or herbal remedies to help balance stress and for others finding a practitioner that can aid you back to good healthy balance. Here are articles from colleagues who are licensed or certified or trained in natural health therapies.


Abundance of Autumn in Preparation for the Winter

Attuning for the Season By Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM Dip., R. TCM. P., R. Ac. [Read More]

Herbal Remedies Selfcare

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Mental Health

By Michelle Seminoff Improving Mental Health with Therapeutic essential oils When we look at health [Read More]

Massage Selfcare

Receiving a Session on the Amethyst BioMat

A Therapy of Light, Heat, and Crystal. Receiving a session on the BioMat is deeply [Read More]

Herbal Remedies Selfcare

Stress Reducing & Restorative Herbs

Herbs which are calming, deeply relaxing and nourishing to the nervous system. Herbs are so [Read More]

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Super Greens & Adaptogens

For many, life is busy which can cause us to feel over-whelmed, “stressed out”! The [Read More]

Herbal Remedies Selfcare

Diuretics and Heart Health Herbs

Herbs that nourish your fluids (Yin) keeping you supple and strong Fluid retention known as [Read More]

Herbal Remedies Selfcare


Hydrosols come from steam distillates which is how the plant is extracted for their essential [Read More]

Massage Nutrition Selfcare

Whole Food Nutrition the Foundation to Health

Eating a traditional diet is essential for excellent health, it’s how we ate until about [Read More]

Nutrition Selfcare

Lemons and Limes – Sour Flavor

Lemons and limes are possibly the most valuable fruits therapeutically! It is important with any [Read More]

Nutrition Selfcare

Healing Solutions for Digestion Imbalances

Your digestive system consists of: Stomach Spleen Pancreas Gallbladder Small Intestine Large Intestine The strength [Read More]

Nutrition Selfcare

Optimal Brain Nutrition

The human brain requires a high fat and protein diet for optimal brain function with [Read More]

Herbal Remedies Nutrition Selfcare

Eating with the Five Flavors & Seasons

Humans have been eating and living with the season for 1000s of years and about [Read More]

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Essential Oils

There are many wonderful uses for essential oils to improving and supporting our health For [Read More]