Nutrition Consultation

One-hour Nutrition Session

This session is good for those that already know about wholefoods and want to customized or adjust the diet and go over supplements.

  • Intake form done together
  • Diet journal, the 3-day diet journal will be emailed to you 4 days prior to your appointment. The diet journal is to show you about what you are eating, how you feel before and after you eat and how long it takes you to eat a meal. This is for your benefit and insight, it allows me to help you make the changes in your diet for your health.
  • A list of supplements or medication you are taking.


If you feel after meeting with me and going through your information,  you decide you want to take the series this session can be applied and we can make your next session and hour and the following 2 sessions 2 hours.

Nutrition Consultation & Bodywork 2-hour session

This session is a combination of the one-hour nutrition consultation and a 1-hour bodywork session of your choice.

Nutrition Consultation Series – Three 2-hours Session

  • Session One 1.Intake form  2.Going over diet journal  3.  Going over your supplements 4.. Assessment with foot reflexology session.

Assignment for your next session going through your cupboards.

  • Session Two 1.Going over what you found out about your food in your cupboards. 2.Plan your meals with simple recipes. 3.Reflexology or Reiki or Table Shiatsu session.

Assignment for your next session shopping for your meal.

  • Session Three 1.Preparing a meal to take home 2.Reflexology or Reiki or Table Shiatsu.

Sessions are every other week with take home assignments.