Foot Reflexology

Reflexology can be done on the feet, hands and earlobes and is a wonderful approach to aiding in your wellness. There are reference chart of reflexology which allows you to learn where your body’s systems, organs and glands are located. These locations are where you would apply pressure or massage with a healing cream, oil, salve or balm to aid in releasing stagnation. 

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How Reflexology Works

  • Reflexology eases stress by sending messages to the brain where they are processed and then are sent back to regions of the body. While messages are being sent to the brain, they are also being sent to the motor system, causing it to modify its levels of tension. If this is triggered appropriately, then a decrease in stress results as well as an increase of circulation.
  • Signals from the brain also carry with them oxygen and food which go to needy body parts. When an individual has a low level of stress and good circulation, the body is better able to transport nutrients and oxygen.
  • A decrease in stress makes a person’s circulation increase endorphins within the body, which enables the endorphins to go more quickly to where they are needed. The endorphins are specifically shunted through the body because of the arousal caused at the points of pressure on the feet; this leads to a decrease in stress.
  • Better circulation is the result of lower stress levels for all system within the body. Because the lymphatic system and digestive system are affected by an increase in circulation, an improvement in eliminating toxins from the body is witnessed.

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