Herbal Remedies are Medicine

Herbal remedies are medicine

Herbal medicine has been used successfully for over 5000 years in many cultures and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an excellent example.

Excellent reference books

Excellent reference books on learning how to make your own herbal blends are by Linda Rector-page and Leslie Tierra.I learned how to use herbs in my life by seeing practitioners who were also herbalist and taking herbal classes. I purchased reference books with an herbal dictionary (Materia Medica) and how to blend a formula; we can all learn how to use food and herbs for good health.

Salty Flavor Benefits Your Health

Salty flavor benefits your health especially for strong digestion and keeping the body tone. SALTYSOURBITTERPUNGENTSWEET SALTY food and herbs Thermal Energetic is cooling to the body’s systems. Foods which are SALTY in taste support the kidney and urinary bladder SALTY flavor assist the kidneys, urinary bladder, liver and gallbladder. Salt [Read More]

Sweet Flavor Benefits Your Health

SWEET SALTY SOUR BITTER PUNGENT SWEET food and herbs Thermal Energetic has all three thermal energetic properties cool, neutral and warm supporting the body’s systems. Foods which are SWEET in taste support the stomach and spleen. SWEET flavor assists the lung, large intestine, kidney and urinary bladder . Food and [Read More]

Pungent Flavor Benefits Your Health

PUNGENT SWEET SALTY SOUR BITTER PUNGENT food and herbs Thermal Energetic is warm to hot (acrid, spicy, hot, aromatic) to the body’s system. Foods which are PUNGENT in taste support the lung and large intestines. PUNGENT flavor assist the kidneys, urinary bladder, liver and gallbladder. Food and herbs which are [Read More]

Bitter Flavor Benefits Your Health

BITTER PUNGENT SWEET SALTY SOUR BITTER food and herbs Thermal Energetic is mostly cooling and a few are warming to the body’s systems. Foods which are BITTER in taste support the heart and small intestine BITTER flavor assists stomach, spleen, lung and large intestine Food and herbs which are BITTER [Read More]

Sour Flavor Benefits Your Health

SOUR food and herbs Thermal Energetic is mostly cooling to the body’s systems Foods which are SOUR in taste support the liver and gallbladder SOUR flavor assist the heart, small intestines, stomach spleen and pancreas. Food and herbs which are SOUR in taste:

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Mental Health

By Michelle Seminoff Improving Mental Health with Therapeutic essential oils When we look at health it is impossible to separate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual from one another. Essential oils help us on every one of these levels. One of my favorite blends is Trauma Life, which was originally [Read More]

Herbal Index

A Alterative: herbs which cleanse the blood of toxins, thus altering the blood so it can enrich the blood flow. Analgesic: herbs which relieve or reduce pain from cramps, spasms or toothaches. Antiemetic: herbs which stop or relieve vomiting and reduce nausea. Antipyretic: herbs which disperse fever and other heat [Read More]

Herbs to Detoxify and Cleanse the Liver and Blood

Toxins seem to be everywhere and since we can’t get away from environmental toxins, it has become necessary to eat foods and drinks that support the liver and blood. It is also important to drink living water; not in plastic bottles, and to take herbal remedies which specifically cleanse the [Read More]

Stress Reducing & Restorative Herbs

Herbs which are calming, deeply relaxing and nourishing to the nervous system. Herbs are so wonderful! They are rich in nutrients which supports the body and mind and they are a gentle way to take care of your entire being! If you are one of those people who have a [Read More]

Super Greens & Adaptogens

For many, life is busy which can cause us to feel over-whelmed, “stressed out”! The body does not recognize good or negative stress, it recognizes an over-stimulation which affects the nervous system and adrenal glands. This is especially true for those with long-term stress. Either or, if we are not [Read More]

Diuretics and Heart Health Herbs

Herbs that nourish your fluids (Yin) keeping you supple and strong Fluid retention known as edema/oedema is often a sign of too much stress on the kidneys. This often happens by not drinking enough water or eating too much sodium chloride-laden food or iodized table salt. If edema persists over [Read More]


Hydrosols come from steam distillates which is how the plant is extracted for their essential oils. Hydrosols are a true product of distillation, non-alcoholic water drawn from the still. The beauty of hydrosols is they cannot be manufactured synthetically. Hydrosols are much less concentrated then essential oils making them safe [Read More]

Herb for Digestion

Our digestive system is the foundation to well being, it is the most important system in the body and without strong digestion our health is compromised! If we are under too much stress, short or long term and worry a lot it impairs our ability to digest food affecting our [Read More]

Eating with the Five Flavors & Seasons

Humans have been eating and living with the season for 1000s of years and about 100 years ago that all changed, and not for the better!  There is way too much dis-ease and mental illness, stealing life too early and unnecessary pain and suffering. Epidemiological studies estimate 50% of Americans [Read More]

Herbal Dictionary-Materia Medica

Alfalfa Leaf Alfalfa Leaf medicago sativa –  Part Used: leaf stems, unopened flowers Taste: sweet/bitter Energy:neutral to cool Effective Form: infusion, capsules, tincture, powered  Properties: anti-inflammatory,rich in carotene, vitamin K, chlorophyll, amino acids, full spectrum minerals and trace minerals very nutrient rich Medicinal use: especially good for the muscular skeletal [Read More]

Essential Oils

There are many wonderful uses for essential oils to improving and supporting our health For over 2000 years essential oils have been used for their powerful healing abilities,  75-100 times more concentrated than dried herbs and flowers carry the same properties as dried herbs; anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-fungal… Even though they are [Read More]

Carrier Oils

Aloe vera gel or juice (aloe barbadenis) is soothing and cooling to the skin. Aloe Vera has rapid cell regeneration properties and is  good for wounds, rashes, burns and all skin issues. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory.   Avocado oil (persea gratissima) this thick oil is rich in Vitamins A, C, D & E. Softens and nourishes dry and dehydrated skin and is highly absorbable.   [Read More]

In Europe, herbal medicine is common practice; the German Commission E is a publication of 390 monographs which evaluate the safety and efficacy of herbs for prescribing in Germany. The scientific review board which is the governing body for herbal medicine in Germany is the “Bundesinstitut für Arzeimittel und Medizinprodukte”.  The Commission E became known beyond Germany in the 1990s is used as a reference book for doctors and herbalists.

I used Chinese medicine when I looked for natural ways to heal my many ailments of constantly feeling fatigued, moody, emotional, angry, bloated, and gassy, body pain and constipation. 

As a child I became very sick from too many antibiotics, prednisone, Ibuprofen and allergy shots; doctors trying to heal what medication caused. I wasn’t until I was  28 years old the year 1992 I learned there was more than Western medicine for my health issues; physical and mental.  Being introduced to whole organic foods, Traditional Chinese Medicine and western herbs I began to from feeling fatigued, moody, emotional, angry, bloated, and gassy, body pain and constipation. It took years to of being careful with my food choices while I was healing my gut and immune system and to this day I still need to be careful and I use Eastern and Western holistic medicine for maintaining my health.

Finding your balance is up to you and finding a natural health practitioner that works with herbal medicine and food therapy is of the utmost importance when suffering from deep-rooted health concerns. Those who eat, sleep and find balance in their life feel well!