Pungent Flavor Benefits Your Health

For thousands of years we have used food and herbs as medicine and still are in some traditional cultures today. To improve your health learn how food and herbs can aid in healing and maintaining great health!

All food has at least two flavors and there are five different tastes. The five flavors are:


PUNGENT food and herbs Thermal Energetic is warm to hot (acrid, spicy, hot, aromatic) to the body’s system.

Foods which are PUNGENT in taste support the lung and large intestines.

PUNGENT flavor assist the kidneys, urinary bladder, liver and gallbladder.

Food and herbs which are PUNGENT in taste:

  • Enters and clears the lungs of mucus
  • Improves digestion ruled by the spleen/pancreas
  • Stimulates blood circulation and is a cardio tonic
  • Clears and improves sluggish liver function
  • Moistens the kidneys, which affects all the fluids; keeps us supple
  • Aids in a healthy nervous system

According to the Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine

OrganLungs and Large Intestine
SeasonAutumn the Lungs and Large Intestine will be their strongest or weakest.
VirtueRighteousness and Honesty
EmotionsLungs and Large Intestine in harmony enjoys life, takes deep breathes, is focused, calm, grounded and has clear intentions.
Lungs and Large Intestine imbalanced there can be depression, sadness, deep grief, and feelings of hopelessness.

PUNGENT FLAVOR FOOD AND HERBS (acrid, spicy, hot, aromatic)

Black pepperChamomileHorse
CayenneElder flowerOnionsRosemary

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