Bitter Flavor Benefits Your Health

For thousands of years we have used food and herbs as medicine and still are in some traditional cultures today. To improve your health learn how food and herbs can aid in healing and maintaining great health!

All food has at least two flavors and there are five different tastes. The five flavors are:


BITTER food and herbs Thermal Energetic is mostly cooling and a few are warming to the body’s systems.

Foods which are BITTER in taste support the heart and small intestine

BITTER flavor assists stomach, spleen, lung and large intestine

Food and herbs which are BITTER in taste:

  • Some Bitters have purgative effects and induce bowel movements for constipation.
  • Known to help with ·Inflammation ·Infection · Dampness (phlegm) .
  • Support Heart and Small Intestines- circulation & absorption.
  • Bitters can dry Candida Yeast over-growth and fungus
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Tonify and vitalize the Kidneys and Lungs
  • Clear heat and cleanse arteries of damp mucoid deposits of cholesterol and fats

According to the Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Taste Bitter
Organs Heart and Small Intestine
SeasonSummer and when the Heart and assimilation is strongest or weakest.
Virtue Being in the Rhythm and Flow – Wu Wei
EmotionsHeart and Small Intestine in harmony enjoys life, laughter, is focused, calm and grounded.
Heart and Small Intestine imbalanced is loquacious, sorrow and laughs excessively.


AmaranthCitrus peelPau’d ArcoTurnip
AsparagusDandelion rtQuinoaValerian
Bitter MelonDandelion lfRadish leafWhite pepper
Burdock rtEchinaceaRice vinegarYarrow
Celery seedHopsRye

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