Diuretics and Heart Health Herbs

Herbs that nourish your fluids (Yin) keeping you supple and strong

Fluid retention known as edema/oedema is often a sign of too much stress on the kidneys. This often happens by not drinking enough water or eating too much sodium chloride-laden food or iodized table salt. If edema persists over a period of time it can damage the renal system put stress on the heart and the rest of the body’s systems.  

Ask yourself do I

  • drink enough clean water?
  • eat whole complex foods?
  • use healthy salts?
  • support my hormones? This applies to both men and woman
  • support fat metabolism
  • gently cleanse my blood
  • support my heart through exercise and quieting the mind?

If you are struggling with Edema

  • first look at your diet
  • second clear out any foods which are stressful on your kidneys and heart health
  • thirdly make yourself a tea blend. You will find the herbal dictionary at the end of this article to help you make a kidney and heart blend for you!
ChickweedDandelion rootHawthorne berry, leaf & flowerPeppermint leaf
Dandelion leafFennel seedSiberian GinsengSarsaparilla root

These herbs:

  • Regulate water metabolism
  • Nourish the kidneys
  • Keep us supple
  • Nourish our brain
  • Keep us lubricated
  • Balance our hormones
  • Keep the heart healthy 
Chickweed Leaf  stellaria media  Part Used: leaf Taste: bitter/sweet Energetic: cool Effective Form: tea, capsules, oil Properties: Beta carotene, vitamin C with flavonoids, most of the B complex, full spectrum of minerals and is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.   Medicinal use:  herbal diuretics, alkalizes the blood and balances our chemistry. Helps with blood toxicity, fever, inflammation,  inflamed bowel disorders; IBS, colitis, Crohn’s. The oil is great for irritated skin, eruptions of the skin and pain reliever for arthritis and gout. 
Dandelion Leaf taraxacum officinale Part Used: leaf, fresh or dried Taste: bitter  Energetic: cooling Effective Form: infusion, capsules, tincture, fresh Properties:  rich in potassium, beta carotene, vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin C, pancreatic regulator, galactagogue,  cholagogue, bile duct stimulant  Medicinal use:  Used for water retention (herbal diuretics) especially due to high blood pressure. Used in tonics for liver stagnation and gallbladder issues, rich in minerals and is known to maintain healthy tooth enamel.  Helps rejuvenate the blood and prevents age spots; liver spots.
Dandelion Root taraxacum officinale Part Used: leaf, fresh or dried Taste: bitter  Energetic: cooling Effective Form: decoction, capsules, tincture, fresh Properties:  rich in potassium, beta carotene, vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin C, pancreatic regulator, galactagogue, cholagogue, bile duct stimulant, rich in inulin  Medicinal use:  Has very strong detoxification properties; used in liver cleansing formulas. Added to tonic formulas, reduces blood pressure, aids in digestion of fats which aids in weight loss and healthy cholesterol. Prevents age spots; liver spots and roasted dandelion root is rich in calcium. 
Fennel Seed foeniculum vulgare  Part Used: seed Taste: spicy/sweet  Energetic: warm Effective Form: decoction, fresh juice, oil, tincture Properties: anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-convulsive, rich in potassium, sulphur and sodium. Carmitive (anti-gas), appetite depressant, digestive aid, Medicinal use: Digestive problems; gas, abdominal cramps, bronchitis, diuretic and stabilizes nervous system. Moves waste out of the body, helps conjunctivitis and inflammation of the eyelids; eyewash made from tea.

Hawthorne Berry, Leaf and Flower crategnus oxyacantha Part Used: leaves, berries, flowers Taste: sour/sweet   Energetic: slightly warm Effective Form: infusion; flowers and leaf. Decocation; berries, tincture Properties: cardiac tonic, digestant, antispasmodic, anti-diarrheic, astringent, sedative, rich in bioflavonoids Medicinal use:  Heart tonic; strengthens the vasodilating and heart muscle activity, reduces arterial plaque build-up, supports circulation. Regulates blood pressure, strengthens veins and capillaries. 
Siberian Ginseng eleutherococcus senticosus, (Wujiashen)
As Part Used: root Taste: sweet Energetic: warm Effective Form: decoction of root, tincture, capsules. Properties: general and energy tonic, immune support Medicinal use: Organ toning and gland balancing herb, helps with those who suffer from depression, support the spleen, pancreas and adrenals. Known as an Adaptogen, is anti-rheumatic and antispasmodic. Helps with chronic fatigue, regulates water metabolism and supports hormonal balance.  Cautions: during pregnancy
Peppermint Leaf mentha piperita Part Used: leaf Taste: spicy/bitter Energetic: cool Effective Form: infusion, oil, tincture Properties:  diaphoretic, aromatic, carminative, calmative, mild alterative, anti-bacterial, anti-viral,   Medicinal use: Upper respiratory, digestion; specific in colon cleansing is very good for Crohn’s disease, Irritable bowel and ulcerative colitis. Helps with gas, bloating, nausea and diarrhea is a nervine for migraine headaches, anxiety and tension in the upper neck and shoulders, used for body odor and bad breath; toner, mints, oil.
Sarsaparilla Root smilax officinalis Part Used: root Taste: sweet/mildly spicy Energetic: neutral Effective Form: decoction, oil (externally only), capsules, tincture. Properties:alterative, diuretic, diaphoretic, tonic Medicinal use: Balances male and female hormones. Hormone imbalances; PMS, Menopause and Andropause (men), cleanses the blood, helps with joint aches.  Liver spots (age spots), gout, chronic rheumatism,  is a Tonic for the glands and increases vitality overall.
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