Contribution for Nutrition Consultation for Dogs & Cats

Most of my life I have been surrounded by animals, mostly dogs, cats and horses. By the time I was 12 I discovered I had an affinity to helping animals in need.

I am not a veterinarian, I learned and helped a lot of dogs and cats the 10 years I was at Simple Remedies, clinic and dispensary for people and animal friends. People and their animals taught me about diet, herbs and emotions. During my studies at Baumen College a holistic nutrition program I began to look into food and herbs which support good health for dogs and cats. I began my studies in 1994 -2000 in Santa Cruz, Ca. and continued them in 2001 when my husband and I moved to Canada:

  • Two year certified nutrition program (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Three month intensive western herbal program with Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac., Ph.D. (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • 10-month herbal program through Rosemary Gladstar (Victoria, BC, Canada)
  • Certified Massage program (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute (San Fransisco, CA)
  • Foot Reflexology through Pacific School of Reflexology (Vancouver BC, Canada)
  • Reiki Level I and II (Canada)
  • Reiki for Animals (Tennessee)

In 2002 we moved to Victoria BC, Canada where my husband I founded, owned and practiced at Simple Remedies Herbal Solution a western and eastern herbal apothecary and holistic clinic from 2003-2012 . From 2005-2016 I wrote for the Herbal Collective Magazine on natural dog and cat health. In 2009 I founded Way of Life Matters and in 2012 we moved to Nelson BC. Due to life’s circumstances I moved back to the states and I am now in Tennessee where I continue to assist humans and animals in their health.

I am happy to pass on my experience and knowledge in assisting you in helping your animal friend with their diet or herbal remedies, by contribution.

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