Eating with the Five Flavors & Seasons

Humans have been eating and living with the season for 1000s of years and about 100 years ago that all changed, and not for the better!  There is way too much dis-ease and mental illness, stealing life too early and unnecessary pain and suffering. Epidemiological studies estimate 50% of Americans alive now will get cancer, and that could also apply to Canadians. According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, 12 million new cancers are being diagnosed in dogs and cats each year, which means one out of three will die of Cancer. Understanding ourselves, body, mind and spirit, is how to maintain a healthy way of life and learning the five flavors can be part of your health solution.

 It has become apparent that we need to relearn how food, herbs and balancing life’s stressors. Food and herbs nourishes us; did you know the organs are connected to our emotions and our emotions are connected to our organs? Learn which food and herbs will assist you to regain homeostasis and/or keep your body in that state of flow and ease.

Why is eating with the season important?

  • Food abundant in the season assists the body’s systems and mental health.
  • Food abundant in the season attunes the body systems for the next season
  • Eating vegetables and fruit grown locally in nutrient-rich soils without chemical fertilizers and pest sprays are rich in enzymes, minerals and vitamins needed for both metabolism and digestion.
  • Food grown organically, locally and in the season is packed with nutrients therefore you require less.
  • Is one of the best means of dis-ease prevention and self-care.
  • Allows your body’s systems to be strong in that season and prepare you for the next season to come.

Five Flavors and Our Body’s Systems and Emotions

All food and herbs have thermal energetic and five flavors which is how our body knows how to use the extracted nutrients. A balanced diet would include a majority of sweet and pungent foods with a nice blend of sour, bitter and salty. Sweet flavor is in many foods from most vegetables, animal protein, nuts, seeds, fruit and whole grains such as brown rice. All foods contain at least 2 or more flavors. An excessive amount of any flavor may cause an imbalance.

I learned a lot from taking classes, reading and now I can create meals with the five flavors. At the end of this article you will find some recommendations of books and classes on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine for those who want a deeper understanding of the Five Flavors and their Thermal Energetic.

Knowing your food and herbs and your physical and emotional state is how to maintain homeostasis, the yin and yang of our inner body`s systems. Life is short and the sooner we understand our imbalances there is less chance of deep chronic illness.

Our brain health depends on our body’s systems functioning optimally; this provides us with a strong healthy mind.

The primary organs of detoxification are the – LIVER, LARGE INTESTINE and KIDNEYS

References and Recommendation

The Herbs of Life Health & Healing Using Western & Eastern Techniques by Lesley Tierra, L.AC., Herbalist
The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierrra, C.A., N.D.
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Books by Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D.

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