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Welcome to Way Of Life Matters, where I teach a balanced life through wholesome nutrition and quieting the mind. My focus is to inspire and encourage you to find your balance for your health. Embrace your wellness by understanding your body and emotions. 

Discover the joy of vitality and harmony through savoring good food, staying active, quieting the mind and finding the perfect equilibrium for a vibrant life.

For you, your family and animal companions


Reduce stress & improve health

Super Green Energy Blend

Combination of grasses, algae, ginger and an Adaptogen, rich in minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins.

Super Greens for Animal Friends

Blend of herbs, Barley grass, algae and FORCO, a digestive enzyme and probiotic, rich in minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins.


Salty Flavor Benefits Your Health

Salty flavor benefits your health especially for strong digestion and keeping the body tone. SALTYSOURBITTERPUNGENTSWEET SALTY food and herbs Thermal Energetic is cooling to the body’s systems. Foods which are SALTY in taste support the [Read More]

Sweet Flavor Benefits Your Health

SWEET SALTY SOUR BITTER PUNGENT SWEET food and herbs Thermal Energetic has all three thermal energetic properties cool, neutral and warm supporting the body’s systems. Foods which are SWEET in taste support the stomach and [Read More]

Pungent Flavor Benefits Your Health

PUNGENT SWEET SALTY SOUR BITTER PUNGENT food and herbs Thermal Energetic is warm to hot (acrid, spicy, hot, aromatic) to the body’s system. Foods which are PUNGENT in taste support the lung and large intestines. [Read More]

Bitter Flavor Benefits Your Health

BITTER PUNGENT SWEET SALTY SOUR BITTER food and herbs Thermal Energetic is mostly cooling and a few are warming to the body’s systems. Foods which are BITTER in taste support the heart and small intestine [Read More]

Sour Flavor Benefits Your Health

SOUR food and herbs Thermal Energetic is mostly cooling to the body’s systems Foods which are SOUR in taste support the liver and gallbladder SOUR flavor assist the heart, small intestines, stomach spleen and pancreas. [Read More]

Abundance of Autumn in Preparation for the Winter

Attuning for the Season By Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM Dip., R. TCM. P., R. Ac. Welcome to Fall! A lot of us didn’t want summer to end, I know.  However now that the cooler weather [Read More]

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Mental Health

By Michelle Seminoff Improving Mental Health with Therapeutic essential oils When we look at health it is impossible to separate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual from one another. Essential oils help us on every [Read More]

Receiving a Session on the Amethyst BioMat

A Therapy of Light, Heat, and Crystal. Receiving a session on the BioMat is deeply relaxing and allows the client to quiet their mind and release tension throughout the body. After your session you feel [Read More]

Hi! I am

Carola Schleuss

Founder of, and a practitioner at Way of Life Matters, a wonderful place for learning about how to enjoy a natural healthy life For people and their animal friends.

My interest in healing and health were born of necessity. I felt uncomfortable, or sick, most of my childhood and teenage years. My childhood medical history was filled with medication such as antibiotics, prednisone, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen 800mg and too many vaccinations. By the age of 25, still feeling terribly unwell, I realized I must learn to take care of myself; no one else could, would, or should. I began to see beyond my conditioned beliefs, the world opened up, life appeared brighter, and nature became, once again, my guide, my reward and my soul healer.

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