Yoga For You

Yoga for you! There are many kinds of yoga practices teaching us how to better connect with our body and mind, and, for many, yoga is a spiritual daily practice. Yoga, like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine for example, has been around for thousands of years and is a traditional part of everyday life in many countries. Today, most people practice yoga in a class, finding ways to help themselves stay flexible, calm and quiet.

I feel if we empower yoga or any other gentle to deep stretching and breathing practice, we are better able to deal with stress, both emotional and physical. Creating your yoga practice can easily be done at home or in a yoga studio. For others, times seems to get away taking 10 minutes a day to do a few yoga stretches helps keep the body and mind aligned and flowing. For others, it’s hard to stop for even just 10 minutes, so they find it easier to take yoga with and instructor in a studio. I find I do some yoga at home and once a week I love to take a class, letting the instructor guide me into yoga poses.

Choosing yoga for you is easy.  Do a little bit of research and see which practice of yoga is best suited for you and your body type.  Yoga is great for many body types; in classes I see women and men who are easily 50 pounds overweight, have injuries or are not flexible.  The beauty of yoga is that you can modify it to your needs and a good instructor will point this out and  even demonstrate a modified pose to for those who have injury or flexibility issues. 

I do yoga for stress relief.  This is one of the best ways for me to help myself when my life gets too busy and stress levels escalate.  Stress changes our body chemistry in many ways.  For some, it causes stiffness due to over-acidity. Moving the body into yoga poses oxygenates the blood and deep breathing alkalizes the blood, relieving tension and stiffness.  A strong body will ward off pathogens by gently cleansing toxins, strengthening the immune system and, most of all, providing us with a strong healthy digestive system.

Taking the time to find a way to care for yourself, particularly during times of stress, is essential for overall health. Practicing yoga or any practice which allows the lungs to breathe deeply, the mind to quiet and the body to move can provide a balance for you!

For me, especially during times of stress, doing yoga reminds me to breathe deeply and stretch, releasing the tension in my body as well as increasing my circulation.

Take the time to find a way to balance your stress, it does matter!

Yoga For You

The main reason many people take yoga is because we are all trying to find a way to feel comfortable in our body and mind. Modern times have a lot of stressors– environmental and emotional. Learning to practice yoga is helpful in teaching us to go inward by showing us how to stay connected to our body, heart and mind. Here are the eight reasons to practice yoga poses.

Ashtanga, which means “eight limbs”,  are guidelines on living a purposeful life.  Yoga poses help us direct our attention toward our health and remind us to connect to all three aspects of our self – body, mind and spirit.

The eight ashtanga poses are:

1. Yama – The first limb – focuses on our emotional self and how we conduct ourselves in life.

2. Niyama – The second limb – focuses on our daily practice for quiet time; meditation, walks in nature, temple.

3. Asana – The third limb – focuses on spiritual growth. Asana is the posture practice in yoga.

4. Pranayama – The fourth limb – focuses on the breath, mastering the respiratory process while recognizing the connection between the breath, the mind, and our emotions.  It is believed that this extends life.

5. Pratyahara – The fifth limb – This practice helps us step back and take a look at ourselves, enabling us to see how we are doing with our emotional and physical health.

6. Dharana – The sixth limb – The practice of quieting the mind and the body.

7. Dhyana – The seventh limb – Stillness.
“Stillness one of the most important practices to achieve”.

8. Samadhi – The eighth limb -  Walking a life of inner peace, focus and direction.

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