Ways to Manage Stress

Do you know there are many facets of stress? Come and learn how to maintain health during times of stress. We will be focusing on foods, herbs, tools for body and mind relaxation and essential oils that help you help yourself balance stress in your life.

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IncludesPDF of presentation and handout of a simple remedy recipe.

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Ways to Manage Stress

  • Stress comes in many forms and can cause physical and emotional imbalances.
  • When the body can longer handle environmental or food stress it can cause skin issues, digestive issues, fatigue, anger... it  is time to do a liver cleanse.
  • Do you know there are herbs that not only cleanse the liver but regenerate liver cells?
  • Learn basic therapeutic essential oil applications that promote foot detoxification.

  • Do you know there are herbs which help repair and nourish the nervous system. aid in cleansing toxins and help regulate our metabolism for fluids?

  • Do you known self-help anxiety techniques can easily be applied with therapeutic essential oils and foot massage. Not only can you use essential oils, it is great to combine a nice anti-anxiety herbal tea to help you feel calm and grounded?

  • When we have too much stress in our lives it depletes important nutrients such as B vitamins and minerals from our body, and if our body does not have enough in reserve it can cause illness and other emotional and physical problems.

Do you know Super Greens are rich in antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals and they help regulate our metabolism? Super Greens and a Fluid Balancing herbs are great ways to help regulate water metabolism if you suffer from bloating due to edema. 

  • Herbs that regulate our fluids do not deplete us from essential minerals as well as they will also nourish us on many levels. When we do not feel well our whole being is affected.
  • Taking Super Greens once a day, can provide you with true energy and prevent the afternoon crash, which makes many run to the coffee house and want sugar for an energy boost.
  • Do you know it is restorative and healthy to drink a super green blend instead of coffee or having sugar when you feel tired?
  • Do you know too much sugar and coffee depletes your body’s nutrient reserves?

Ways to Manage Stress

Maintaining balance during times of stress is essential for over well-being

Ways to Manage Stress

Carola Schleuss has been using herbal remedies for over 20 years. In 2003 she had an herbal dispensary with over 200 bulk herbs which allowed her and her staff to formulate wonderful blends aiding  customer and her clients into better health.

Carola became interested in learning ways to manage stress because she was extremely tense.  Her health was not good, she was suffering from environmental and emotional stress causing allergies, digestive problems and lots of fatigue. Not feeling well was causing her to feel moody, swinging from anger to feeling weepy. In 1994 she began to deeply look into herbal remedies when she began her studies in an accredited whole food nutrition program. Carola’s instructor was an herbalist and in every class, always had some kind of herbal brews going; usually  liver strengthening  formula or a digestive strengthening formula or a mineralization tea. Over a period of months Carola began to notice she was feeling less angry and had more energy. In conjunction with food therapy Carola was able to overcome many of her health problems and to this day she still takes her herbal remedies as a way to manage stress, enhance health and remove bio-toxins, commonly found in our environment.

Ways to Manage Stress

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