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My passion for animal friends goes back to my childhood. I was two when I was given my first kitten, but that didn't go over very well because I was too young, and my parents found her a new home. About three years later, we got our first real kitten; he was gray and we called him Smokey, of course. We got our first puppy, Princess, when I was nine, and our first horse, Beauty, the following year. At the age of 12 I began rescuing cats, birds and dogs. I began looking at what is in pet food in 1998; this was when I was finishing a 2-year program at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, an accredited program.  I wrote my final research paper on Enzymes and the Immune System for Dogs and Cats. In 2003, my husband and I founded and practiced at Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions for People and Animal Friends in Victoria BC until 2009. I remained in the clinic until 2012 and began Way of Life Matters, Simple Remedies for Holistic Health for People and Animal Friends,  which I now manage from my home and downtown office in Nelson BC.

In 2004, I formulated Q's Super Greens for Animal Friends. This blend can be found at Buddies Natural Pet Food on Vancouver Island or through The Herb Shop.  In 2005 I began writing for the Herbal Collective Magazine for Animal Friends and continue to.

Food has everything to do with physical health; real food which nature provides.

I have such a love and respect for the animals that giving them my time to help their human friends re-connect with the importance of natural real food is what I am guided to do. 

When we had Simple Remedies, dogs would often pull their human beings into our herb shop, resulting in some very surprised humans wondering why theri dogs had done that.  I would smiled and share with them food and herb information for animal friends. Most would leave feeling perplexed but later have an “aha moment”. Many went off to look deeper into what I had shared, and came back thanking me for the information with gratitude and appreciation for their re-connection to their animal friends.

I will always have a place in my heart for animal friends and that is why  I live with six; three cats and three dogs. They are such wonderful friends and companions and fill our home with love and joy!

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Re-connecting with the idea "food is medicine" is fun and exciting. I have seen so many health issues clear up after kibble or canned food has been omitted and the animal friend is put on a real food diet. I would love to hear and share your stories and pictures of how using real food and herbal remedies has changed your animals friend's life for the better!
I would also like to assist those who have questions regarding conditions such as skin conditions, digestive problems, hip and joint issues or just simple food or herbal questions.

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