Bodywork Modalities
Carola Schleuss, Certified Massage Practitioner
507 Baker St. Rm. 202, Nelson BC

Method of Payment

1. PayPal -  2. Visa/MasterCard - 3. Cash
  4.  Locals personal cheque -  5. E-transfer (Canada only)

Integrative Massage
1 hour -   $65
1.5 hour -  85

Integrative Massage

Craniosacral Therapy
1 hour $60


Traditional Foot Reflexology
50 minutes - $55

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology & Craniosacral Combination
1 hour 15 minutes $75

Craniosacral & Foot Reflexology

All sessions done on a Amethyst BioMat

I have been a natural health practitioner for the last 22 years with an emphasis of assisting those in need of balancing too much stress. Many say after receiving they don't remember the last time they felt that relaxed and I see them walk away with a blissful smile. We all need assistants when life becomes too busy and if we ignore the signs and symptoms from too much stress, there can be body and/or emotional discomfort.

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