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Fall into Wellness with Hula Hoop Dancing

Like the colors of fall leaves on a the maple trees, fall is full of change. Time to pack away all the summer gear and get ready for the winter ahead. As we get ready by winterizing our houses, and cars, don't forget about your body. In Chinese Medicine fall is the time for Lungs and Large Intestine. According to “Healing with Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford, Lungs and colon disorders are caused by unresolved grief and a sedentary lifestyle. “Insufficient activity encourages poor respiration and elimination.” Lung and colon problems are also created by poor diet. Here are some ideas to how we can help our lungs and large intestine feel better, as the seasons change.

Hula hooping is great for lung and large intestine health. Hula hooping increases our breath, which strengthens our lungs. Hula hooping also helps us let go, which relaxes the small intestine. Imagine how the hoop massages the organs, as it goes round and round. This increases the circulation to all the internal organs, which make them healthier and happier. Personally after a good hula hoop workout my large intestine let's go of any blockages and my bowels start working wonderfully. My lungs are happy too. Hula hooping makes me breath hard and deep, giving my lungs a great workout. Hula hooping is my favorite cardiovascular exercise, because it's gentle on the body while giving you a great workout, that's fun. It's not just for kids anymore.

There are also many foods and herbs great for the lungs, and large intestine. According to “Healing with Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford, To protect and purify the lungs and colon eat pungent foods like garlic, cabbage, and onions. It is better to have them slightly cooked and not raw. To heal the mucous membrane of the colon and lungs eat seaweed and take the herbs marshmallow root and fenugreek. Eat dark green and orange foods rich in beta-carotene like pumpkin or broccoli, and the herbs mullein leaves and nettles to protect the mucus membranes of the lung and colon. It also important to eat foods high in fiber like fruits, vegetables, and oats, because fiber cleanses the colon and improves colon health. Water is another important element that keeps your intestines functioning properly by helping things move along more smoothly through the digestive tract and making stools softer and easier to pass. Water is essential for healthy lungs, as dry lungs are more susceptible to irritation. Have you been drinking your six glasses of water each day?

There are many essential oils that are great for lungs and large intestine health. Like I pointed out earlier lung and large intestine are health is effected by unresolved grief and Bergamot essential oil is known for turning grief into joy on an emotional level. According to “Reference Guide for Essential Oils”, by Connie and Alan Higley, Bergamot oil also helps improve digestion, soothes the lungs, relaxes nervous tension, and uplifts the spirit.  Cardamom is another essential oil that improves Lung and Large intestine health. Cardamom helps improve all intestinal diseases, indigestion, coughs, and it is an anti-inflammatory. Clary Sage is another great essential for lung and large intestine. The French medicinal uses for Clary Sage include bronchitis, hemorrhoids, intestinal cramps, and weak digestion. One of my personal favorite oils for the respiratory system and the lungs is eucalyptus oil. When applied to the chest eucalyptus oil helps me breath better and opens my sinuses. Eucalyptus oil also helps asthma, bronchitis, congestion, pain, and inflammation.   Always use therapeutic grade essential oils to get the full health benefits of the oil. Most stores do not sell therapeutic grade essential oils. Two of my favorite sources for therapeutic grade essential oils are Young Living Essential Oils and Wisdom of the Earth.

Divine Essence - Therapeutic Essential Oils

So as the seasons change and we come into fall, remember to keep your lungs and large intestine healthy and happy. You can hula hoop, eat pungent foods, and rub essential oils on your chest and stomach. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to keep your lungs and large intestine healthy. For more information please check out  Hula Hooping.

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