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Radiant Health & Vibrant Energy

Radiant Health & Vibrant Energy
By Claire Lipke, R. Ac, B.Sc. Kin, BCRPA Personal Trainer


In an age of speed and technology there is always time to enjoy what nature has in mind for us.  When we allow time for our bodies to reflect the seasons there is a tendency towards better health, greater vitality and positive emotions.  Spring is the time of year where potential energy is greatest.  It is a time when life flourishes all around us from the beaming sun to the fragrant flowers.  New life is brought into the world and with this force there is vibrant energy that surrounds all of us.


Chinese classic texts consider the Spring season to be from February 4th until May 5th.  In terms of attuning to the season through diet therapy it is recommended to consume foods that grow upwards.  Ideas of such could include sprouted seeds, asparagus, pea shoots and plenty of aromatic herbs. With an increase in seasonal temperature it is an excellent time of the year to change to cooking with shorter times and higher heat.  Examples of such preparation methods include poaching, blanching, steaming, sauteing, stir frying and pressing.  Food choices at this time of year should steer away from heavy & oily foods and move to lighter fresh foods with an emphasis on green coloured fruits and vegetables. 

This is an appropriate time of the year to start having more and more foods that are raw, as your body will have fewer problems to heat internally to digest them.  Preparation is a big player in the scheme of dietary success, a weekly grocery shopping session and taking time to wash, chop and prepare your fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs in clear containers that are visible in your fridge will allow you a greater chance to see these healthy foods and use them abundantly in cooking and snacking.  Having food ready, prepared and on hand can help you make the best choices and allow greatest gains in health and excellent success in weight loss.

 Natural Liver Cleanse

 It is said by the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine that Spring relates to the Liver, this is represented by the colour green, which when consumed through diet will help to purify and cleanse the body from the heavy nourishment that the winter months have provided.   

Spring is a time to put passion into action as the vitality of spring brings life and energy into the world around you.  A great plan is to choose activities that pump you up and get you moving.  Since this is a time to lighten and cleans the body movement such as Hot Yoga, Trail Running, High Intensity Interval Training, Boot Camp and Biking would be fantastic options.   All of these activities allow you to improve the “free flow of Qi (Energy)” in your body while you sweat and detoxify.  It is of utmost importance to choose fitness that brings a smile to your face, making sure that you enjoy aspects of your workout whether it is the friends who you participate with, the endorphins you gain from exercise or the physique that is the product of your hard work.

To achieve your fitness goals you must first define them. Goal setting provides accountability to your self as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Setting out Smart goals

Time Oriented

will allow you to break up your vision into manageable objectives to work on.  I recommend a vision board where you can cut out and pin pictures, write phrases of motivation and see some form of tracking your progress on a daily basis.  Once you have accomplished your goal don’t be afraid to reward your self for these well-earned achievements.  

Consistency over time remains the number one predictor of your fitness.  If you can set out a minimum amount of days that you will make it to the gym and stick to this you are well on your way.

Reminding each and everyone of you my personal fitness motto

“Train your body, love your life” 

In this life, health of mind and body is the big prize
Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.

Wishing you the best in fitness, health and physical vitality for the Spring!

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