Nutrition Diet Plan Rates

On Your Way to a Healthier You

Carola Schleuss, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Consultation can be done at:

  • At my office at  507 Baker Street Room 202
  • At my office at 6 Mile
  • Telephone
  • Skype

Method of Payment

  • Cash or Cheque
  • e-Tranfer (Canada only)
  • PayPal, Visa & MasterCard

I offer three programs to choose from

Program I
One -Hour Consultation

Program II
One-Hour Consultation
Digestive Healing & Supportive Recipe Book (PDF)

50-minute Integrative Massage Session

Program III
Two 50-min Integrative Massage Sessions
30-minute Nutrition & Herbal Consultation
Whole Food and Herbal Program for You (PDF) - Printed by request
Digestive Healing & Supportive Recipe Book (PDF)


I also offer:

  • 15 minutes - $20.00
  • 30 minutes - $35.00
  • 45 minutes - $45.00
  • 60 minutes - $65.00
Nutrition Consultation

In your home:

  1. Look at the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards
  2. Look at the ingredients of your personal hygiene and household cleaning products

 toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo/conditioner, body-wash, deodorant,  laundry detergent/softeners, household cleaning products, house deodorizer, anything which is chemically derived needs to be looked at,  whether you put it on your body, inhale it or sleep on it...

$65.00 per hour

Shopping Tour

$50.00 per hour

Organizing Your Supplements

$50.00 per hour


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