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Walter (Skip) LaFleur 
Certified  Neurofeedback Practitioner

What is Neurofeeddack?  Neurofeedback shows you how to increase brain power. The brain can become unfit for many different reasons,  causing neural pathways to become lethargic. When this happens, a person can feel brain fog, scattered, nervous,  tiredNeurofeedback helps train the brain, allowing better neural pathway function in a variety of areas.

Neurofeedback also helps those who suffer from: ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Asperger’s Syndrome...

Self-Regulation training augments the function of the central nervous system, improving mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability. 

Good Self-Regulation, along with whole food nutrition, is necessary for optimal brain function.

Why Professionals are using EEG-Neurofeedback for their patients

How many session do I need?

  • Mild conditions once a day for a series of sessions depending on you and your assessment.
  • Moderate conditions once to twice a day for a series of sessions depending on your assessment.
  • Severe conditions two - three sessions per day for a series of sessions depending on assessment.

Up to 3 sessions can be done in one day

Method of Payment

Cash or Cheque

e-transfer ( Canada only)

PayPal, Visa & MasterCard

Initial Consultation and Session
allow 1.5 hour


Each Session
 allow 45 min. -1 hour

Neurofeedback Rates

Sue Othmer, BCICA, Clinical Director of EEG-Institute

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