Natural Puppy

I began to look into natural puppy and kitten care because both Quinoa (our dog) and Kimba (our cat) began to become ill and ended up dying of cancer.  They are my inspiration to share why we choose to feed and care for ur animal friends naturally.

Kimba died in 2008 age 17 and Quinoa in 2012 of cancer age 14. Both were fed kibble, Quinoa her first year and Kimba her first five years years, they both had too many vaccinations and were spayed too early. Quinoa at six months, Kimba I can't remember but before her first heat.  Kimba had a rough start, she lived in a cage as a kitten for three months at the Human Society in California before we came along and adopted her. I truly believe that they lived as long as they did becasue I put them on a real food diet and used herbs, massage and acupuncture to maintain balance and  to assist them during their times of discomfort.

Quinoa - seven weeks - 1997
Quinoa nine years old
Kimba & Alvin

Puppy or dog vaccinations, look into them and look into your options before you decide to vaccinate.

I asked a holistic veterinarian from Vancouver if he vaccinated his dog; he did not.  He had the rabies vaccine done when his dog was older because he traveled to the U.S.

Rabies vaccination stays in the dog's system for 25 years and a titer test can be done to see if the antibodies are still there. Think twice before re-vaccinating!

I've been told in California if your dog has a reaction to the rabies vaccination, your veterinarian can make a note on their file not to vaccinate.

Greta and Albert were raised 100% as a Natural Puppy

Greta - two months - 2013

Our animal friends depend on us to provide them with love, shelter and proper nutrition. Some animal friends are herbivores, some omnivores and then there are the obligatory carnivores.

Dogs are omnivores but require a high amount of protein and fat from real food such as egg yolk, raw milk,  raw fat, raw bones,  raw meat, connective tissue and organs, some greens and berries. In the wild, dogs forage for their food as well as hunt and kill. Raising a natural puppy means providing them with an all natural real food diet.

Albert - four months 2018

A healthy dog comes from healthy parents. Your dog's constitution may be strong and healthy or sensitive and often weak. A sensitive dog will suffer from ailments such as digestive and immune system issues which can manifest as food allergies. Food allergies show up as skin conditions, weeping eyes, seizures, upper respiratory issues and so on.

A sensitive dog may also have hip and joint issues, digestive issues; irritable bowl, diarrhea, mucous in their stool, vomiting.

My friend in Victoria had a medium-size dog, Snooka, who lived to be 20.

The beauty of a real food diet is: a sensitive dog can become a strong, healthy dog - and a strong, healthy dog can live a long, abundant life full of comfort and joy until 11 to 30 years of age depending on the size of the dog.  The all natural puppy becomes a strong, healthy dog

 I met a Realtor from Victoria and he told me his small dog lived to be 27 years old.

All these dogs had one thing in common - they were fed real food
some had puppy vaccination only some never were vaccinated

 I met an English man on the cliffs on Dallas Road in Victoria and he told me his family raised greyhounds in the 1940s in England and the dogs lived to be at least 18 years of age.

 I met a dog groomer from Sidney, BC, and she had a Great Dane who lived to be 11 years old.

Greta & siblings - new born puppies 2013

Quinoa  died January 21, 2012, and her death was extremely hard on me.  If I could do it over again I would have raised her as an all natural puppy and dog.

Greta came into my life when I was ready to open my heart to having a puppy. Greta was born August 18th 2013 on a farm in the West Kootenays. 

She was born to a Kelpie who lived with an Akbash on a farm - oops, they mated. The farmer whose Kelpie herds the flock and whose Akbash guards the flock did not need a mix of the two so he found very good homes for all five  of these highly intelligent puppies. Greta came home in October at 7 weeks. Her mother was a small dog (about 35 lbs) and her dad was a big dog (about 100lbs), and she and her siblings needed a lot of food. The farmer had to wean them early.


Greta came home a little earlier than we would have liked, so for the first two weeks we wanted to provide the nutrients she would have received from her  mother's milk. We put her on raw goat milk, raw egg yolk, Q's Super Greens for Animal Friends and extra FORCO; probiotic. Her first serving of goat milk was about 2 cups which she lapped up very quickly; 13 hours later she pooped a small baseball size of roundworms. She did this 3 more times. Raw goat milk is known to purge parasites. It's  common for puppies and kitten to have roundworms and they are no longer a problem once the animal friend reaches  six months of age.  I chose to put Greta on a natural parasite cleanse which consisted of black walnut, wormwood, cinnamon, clove, thyme and garlic in glycerine. She was on this formula for one month.

Greta's first day home 2013

Natural Puppy

Providing your puppy with a strong immune system will prevent fleas and parasites, and the best way to do this is through a natural puppy food diet.
A Natural Puppy diet would look like this

7 - 9 weeks

  • room temperature raw milk 1/2 -2 cups depending on the size of your puppy per meal with
  • one raw organic egg yolk,
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup bone soup,
  • 1 tsp super greens for animal friends and
  • 1 tsp of FORCO or room temperature plain organic yogurt or soured milk.

9 weeks is when I like to add

  • raw meat
  • raw milk
  • egg yolk
  • bone soup
  • super greens for animal friends
  • plain yogurt or soured milk

To help prevent your puppy from chewing your belongs, provide raw knuckle or flat bones, sticks or branches.

Here is a list of safe foods for dogs and cats.

Because dogs are omnivore you can play around with different foods to see what they like and need. If you have a garden full of herbs, your dog or cat will seek out what they need to help support their health.

Animals are so SMART!

Remember - in the wild, dogs and cats eat their food RAW, so when feeding your animal friend keep it as RAW as possible!

Greta, her sibling Akee and Brody the chocolate lab all eat a real food diet.

The best natural flea remedy

The best natural flea remedy for puppies is to keep them on real food diet and not vaccinate, providing your puppy with a strong immune system. A strong immune system wards off infestations of fleas and parasites. 

If you do have flea issues, use essential oils which ward off fleas and are non-toxic.

Cindy and Pirate

For years I have been using herbs to help myself and my animals stay healthy. My name is Cindy Schleuss and because of my sister Carola's vast knowledge in nutrition and herbs, she has helped me completely change the way I feed myself and my animals.

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