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The Natural Organic Store is a place to find high quality, natural health remedies and products.  While I was the owner of Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions in Canada,  I made sure all the products we provided were high quality and professional,  with only the best ingredients: certified organic, wild crafted and non-GMO.  I have selected the same for Way of Life Matters.

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Way of Life Matters, Simple Remedies for Natural/Holistic Health

In 2012, shortly after we moved to Nelson from Victoria, BC, Canada,  I was impelled to come up with a name and logo for my four favorite human remedies, and my one blend for animal friends .   I drew on a computer sketch pad the Q which is dedicated to Quinoa,  my dear dog friend of 14 years,  and the K under Herbals for Kimba my cat of 17 years, both of whom  were my inspiration to formulate super greens for animal friends back in 2004. The human blends which I chose were the top movers at Simple Remedies because most people struggle with:

  • Liver, digestion, skin and candida
  • Sleep, anxiety and nervous system disorders
  • Excess fluid retention and kidney imbalances
  • Having enough natural energy


A blend of herbs formulated to assist the body's functions


A blend of herbs formulated to support overall health and balance

Natural Organic Store

 I have chosen products which are as natural as you can get without having to make it yourself, for Women, Men and Children.  What we put in or on our body does matter.




The skin is the largest organ and it is affected by ingredients that are  synthetic chemically derived. Chemicals are one of the main reasons people and animal friends are getting cancer and other horrible dis-eases. It is estimated that one out of three are getting cancer and this is worrisome. Let's transform that by changing what we choose to put on ourselves, our family members and our animal friends.







While I had Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions in Victoria, BC, Canada we made our own natural health remedies such as medicinal salves, oils and tinctures.  It is a lot of fun making these beautiful herbal healing remedies; salves for instance are made with an infused oil of an herb and beeswax. For example, calendula salve is used to help with irritated skin such as diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis or hives. Calendula is a flower that is easy to find almost anywhere:  it is also known as marigold. Calendula's medicinal properties are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-histamine, to name just a few of its amazing healing effects.

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