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Home Remedies changed my life. Hi, my name is Carola and I am here to share the story of a healing journey that my partner Skip and I took in search of wellness through natural remedies. I began looking into natural remedies when I became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I wanted to be alert, have energy and be able to eat food without feeling bloated, constipated and suffering many other digestive issues.

I wanted to wake up in the morning feeling good, not sluggish and tired

Natural Home Remedies

When I was just a year old, my parents decided to immigrate to the United States from Germany. This required vaccinations which made me really sick, especially on top of all the doctor-recommended vaccines I’d already had.  When my parents settled in Northern California my mom began to seek help from doctors. I felt like I was always getting shots.  Doctors diagnosed me with allergies and asthma, and their only solution was medication and allergy shots.  I lived on medication from the age of one until I was 26 years old, yet I still suffered from allergies and asthma, as well as digestive and hormonal issues.

Boy, I felt like I was a mess!

At 26, I met Skip, who became my husband and told me I could heal myself. I am thankful to my life partner for directing me to home remedies and therapies.  

He knew of these therapies because he had his own healing journey after being diagnosed in 1966 at the age of 22 with rectal polyps and told he would have colon cancer and be dead in two years. 

He went on a 2-week juice fast and dramatically changed his diet.  Skip also suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and needed help because he was scattered, could not focus, and was extremely anxious, which caused insomnia. Without sleep he became tired, reactive and moody which caused more anxiety and then anger. In 1970 he took the first Whole Food Nutrition program offered at Sonoma State University. He studied Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and went to The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco in 1984 trying to find ways to heal from PTSD.  He used natural home remedies and Chinese Medicine to help him feel calmer, but none of it made the anxiety or insomnia go away. It wasn't until 2005 when Skip read Dr. Gabor Maté's book Scattered Minds, and then Symphony in the Brain by Jim Robbins, that his life began to change for the better.

He now understood that he was dysregulated

After reading those two books,  Skip looked into Brain Training. He began with the Brain Master where he trained himself for a year, noticing results of reduced anxiety and good sleep. As with all interests that progress, this led Skip's discovery of  EEG-Neurofeedback

Natural Home Remedies

I began to look into helping myself feel better when I was at a very low point in my life. I was suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome), over-all body pain, TMJ, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, digestive issues and low self-esteem. This is when I discovered deep relaxation through guided visualization. After three months my sleep was better, the TMJ was gone, I had mild anxiety and I felt more confident.  Even though I felt better I was still suffering from digestive issues; bloating, gas, allergies, asthma and tension in my body. I then discovered massage which helped tremendously with re-connecting me with my body and releasing the tension I was holding.  I still suffered from digestive issues and fatigue and when I met Skip he suggested I see a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and also for me to look into a whole food nutrition program, so I did. Throughout my healing journey I worked with counselors who used techniques which required me to go within, such as hypnotherapy… Using all these modalities gave me more strength and wellness, but I still was suffering from excessive worry and mild anxiety.

It wasn’t until I had received 15 sessions of  EEG-Neurofeedback that I felt the permanent change from three very strong emotions which I had battled throughout my life; excessive worry which was in part causing my digestive issue, mild anxiety and fear, which is now gone. To my surprise I continue to feel grounded and calm; even when there is stress or "things to think about" (worry), I can easily move into a place of quiet and calm.  Retraining my brain and cleansing and replenishing my body, has brought me to a place of feeling alive, alert, happy, energetic, grounded, and focused.

Today I am more confident and able to finish the things I start, plus have plenty of energy to enjoy walks with my dogs in nature, go to Pilates or yoga and truly engage in life!

Wow,  I had no idea life could be so good!

Natural Home Remedies for Your Animal Friend

Our pet friends are really no different than we are. They have emotions and feel stress just like we do. They may not have language, but they do communicate with us in ways we learn to understand. They require a raw or lightly cooked food diet for proper nutrition just as we do. Our animal friends depend on us to feed them and what we do feed them does matter.

Feeding raw food or lightly cooked food diet and adding herbs is easy and allows your animal friend to thrive!

Great books on animal nutrition, herbal remedies, why our animal friends are being treated with so many chemicals and why we are begin told kibble is food. These books changed the way I feed and take care of my animal friends.

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