Natural Healing for Pets
Holistic Protocol for - Digestive Problems -  Fear and Nervousness in Dogs

Alvin & Seymour

Natural healing for pets begins by making changes to the way you feed your animal friend. These changes are simple, since dogs and cats in nature hunt and eat meat and forage on plants and berries. I have been feeding a species specific diet  since the mid 1990s because of my cat Kimba which can be read on my Natural Cat Care.     

Ollie at one year

We meet Ollie, a Frenchton, which is a cross between an Old English Bulldog and a Boston terrier in 2008. This breed seems to have a fair amount of digestive issue and this was the situation for Ollie. He was 12 weeks when he was adopted by our friends in Victoria; he suffered from diarrhea and a lot of flatulence when he arrived.

The first thing we did  put him on a cooked food diet of meat, offal, raw egg yolk, grated veggies, bone broth, quinoa and added one Tsp. of super greens for animal friends. As his digestion became stronger, we would cook the food less except for the quinoa, until we found his balance, which is lightly cooked food with some raw.

Ollie 2017 -  11 years old

Over the years we have made adjustments depending on how much stress there is in his surroundings. When Ollie gets upset he gets loose stool, and this is when I cook the food a little more and add a herbal remedy which will calm his nervous system which in turns will quiet digestion. You can powder chamomile tea in a coffee grinder and add a light Tsp. or make a tea and add to meal. As long as his food is lightly cooked he seems to do well, and he is now 10 years old.

 Ollie became part of our family while we lived in Victoria and he spent his first 10 days with us while his family were on holiday, in October 2017 six years later he came to Nelson to live with us because his folks in Victoria had to do what was best for Ollie due to life’s circumstances.

Natural Healing for Pets

During my time at Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions in Victoria BC, Canada,  I encountered many dogs that suffered from digestive issues and anxiety.  I would always put them on easy to digest foods and add herbs which would heal the digestive system. Zeeboo and Emily both suffered from weak digestion and a compromised immune system and through diet and herbs over time their body could recover and heal so they could live a healthy, peaceful life during their time on earth.  Zeeboo past away at 13 years and Emily 15 years. 


RIP Zeeboo 2004-2017

I met Carola Schleuss, a nutrition consultant, in 2008, when my Old English Sheepdog (OESD), Zeeboo, (Boo) was almost 4 years old, weighed 60 lbs., malnourished with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), very common for this breed. Boo is now 9 years old, weighs 83 lbs. and rarely has bowel problems. He has fantastic muscle mass, in excellent condition and abounds with energy. Everyone who meets him thinks he is still a puppy.

I am quite certain that if I hadn’t had the guidance of Carola over these years Boo would still be grossly underweight and with IBS. I am so elated that Boo is healthy, happy and contribute his excellent condition to  Carola’s advice, a raw diet, supplements and “Forco” a digestive enzyme.

Natural Healing for Pets - Enzymes & Probiotics

Even Boo’s breeder, Merrilee Rush, now uses “Forco” with all her OESDs. Over the years the brands of food have changed as have his menus, but the one thing that has been constant, is the use of Forco at each meal. Thank you Carola.

Saving Boo's Belly

After having 4 Old English Sheepdogs (OESD's) I feel the need to share this with you and all the others who have had trouble with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It has taken almost 4 years to get my pup, Zeeboo (Boo) on the right track, but after many trials and tribulations, I think I'm finally there.

My first 3 OESD's had sensitive constitutions, but I could control the upsets/diarrhea with the standard old practices of cooked hamburger and rice, Kaopectate/ Pepto Bismal and the antibiotic, Metrinidizole/Flagyl.

Zeeboo on the other hand was and is a real challenge. At about 10 months, he started showing a severe sensitivity to commercial foods. His stools became cow pats. At the suggestion of the Vet, I tried 2 different Veterinarian Prescription foods, to no avail. Every time I used the old standard practices, e.g. as above, his diarrhea would clear up for a few days and then he would have a relapse. At that point he was weighing about 58 lbs! I was extremely worried about his overall condition. I knew I had to move on from the Vet's suggestions, the prescription diets and the antibiotic, Metrinidizole/Flagyl.

His next diet consisted of cooked white fish and potatoes, (no rice) some cooked carrots. He didn't have diarrhea, but he wasn't getting enough nutrients nor was he gaining any weight. He was always hungry!

Next, I enlisted the help of a veterinarian homeopath, also an owner of a pet food store.  She suggested a dehydrated Food "NRG" containing salmon, loads of other goodies, e.g. fruits, vegetables, but also included grains e.g. wheat germ and cooked oats. She also suggested adding to each meal a 1 tsp. of a digestive enzyme, called Prozyme, 1/2 tsp. bone meal and "Eagle Blend Transition Powder", which aids in transition diets. It was expensive, but I wanted him well. He seemed stable, a little diarrhea, probably due to the grains, but still, he didn't really thrive on it.

This homeopath suggested that I start using Boiron Homeopathic tablets, instead of antibiotics. I used both, Colubrina (200 ch) and Aloe (30 ch). Colubrina is used for loose stools, and Aloe is used for mucous in stools. I used these tablets, a max of 3 a day, on and off, when required. Boo seemed to hold, but he still wasn't gaining much weight.

natural healing for pets

Natural Healing for Pets with Homeopathic Medicine

Then the homeopath suggested a new addition to his diet, "Prairie Variety Venison" a raw food. This raw food was to be in addition to the dehydrated food "NRG". NRG was to be given in the AM, and the raw venison in the PM. I now know that you don't mix raw and dehydrated food. Of course, I still had to include the Prozyme (digestive enzyme), which retails here for $50 a bottle ($20. in US) and the bone meal. Needless to say, I was spending an absolute fortune per month on food and supplements. Boo was still getting diarrhea on and off, but it was controllable. He did gain some weight though not substantial.

I had had enough with the overall cost and lack of real progress, so I decided to do some more research. I found a local raw pet food store, Buddies Natural Pet Food, which specializes in all sorts of digestive disorders and they were extremely knowledgeable about total raw diets.

The reading material they suggested was excellent!!  Note* Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats: The Ultimate Diet" by Kymthy R. Schultze- a must read for great holistic pet care.

After switching to Buddies total raw diet, Boo thrived. He gained weight, got up to 68 lbs. His coat, breath, teeth, and energy were fantastic. Then for some reason, after almost 2 years, he had a relapse.

In January, Boo had severe Colitis. My homeopathic (Boiron) tablets couldn't control the diarrhea. I had to take him to the Vet, and, of course, he went back on antibiotics. The Vet thought that maybe it was a new allergy.  New allergies can occur at any time. 

When I spoke to Buddies, the local raw pet food store, and told them my dilemma, they agreed with the Vet, possibly a new allergy—beef??

We started talking about vaccinations and they informed me that they use beef in the serums of vaccinations. Well, guess who had just been vaccinated in September, for the 3rd time, at the insistence of my Vet. I had queried the Vet about another vaccination considering Boo's past health. She was insistent, and never once suggested a blood titer test to determine antibodies from previous vaccinations. Enough of that, I now have a new Vet!! Boo has been tittered, has sufficient antibodies and does not require further vaccinations.

After the first course of antibiotics, I went back to the beginning, cooked white fish, potatoes and carrots. Every time I tried to transfer Boo back to raw food, he had a relapse and was losing weight. He had to go back on antibiotics again.

I was extremely worried and thought I might lose him, so I went to other homeopaths looking for new natural remedies. A new homeopath suggested I seek the help of Carola Schleuss, a nutrition consultant for people and animal friends at "Simple Remedies", an herbal/ supplement shop.

I immediately made an appointment with Carola Schleuss, then owner, at “Simple Remedies”.  Carola suggested a number of things to get Boo back on track and gaining weight. Boo's weight was back down to 60 lbs. after the month of colitis and his rear legs were shaking when excited or after play.

Carola's Suggestions
natural healing of pets

  • The first additive in his meals is FORCO (1 TBSP per meal). It is a digestive enzyme, originally used for horses and now also used for small animals. It originated in Colorado. It has been used in Veterinarian studies at Davis.  FORCO is inexpensive and works. His stools have never been better.

  • The second additive is CHLORELLA, a supplement of a single-cell algae from fresh water, which aids digestion, etc. I used 1 tab, 455mg  at breakfast and dinner until he regained some weight. As Boo was doing extremely well on this regime, I have continued with this supplement  to date even though it is very expensive.
  • The third additive is #2 CAL PHOS 6x, calcium phosphate, a homeopathic remedy. The Vet had suggested "Tums"as a calcium supplement for his shaking legs. "Turns" has aluminum in it, hence, Carola's dislike of its use. The Cal Phos has worked-no more shaking legs.

 The other additives which I added:

  • ¼ tsp. kelp at breakfast      
  • 1 tab wild salmon oil 1300mg, at breakfast and dinner
  • 1 MSM joint repair , breakfast lunch, dinner 
  • If needed, 1 tsp. Slippery Elm for upset stomach and diarrhea. Carola’s suggestion

Natural Healing for Pets

Carola also suggested using organic probiotic yogurt 5% fat with a pinch of ginger in it, at room temperature, before each meal. I now use a lower fat organic yogurt (2.5%) as he regained a healthy  weight.

 When we started his recovery plan, in each meal I added, 1 cup of vegetable soup broth for minerals and cooked organic quinoa for protein to help Boo gain weight. The combination worked for Boo and he gained weight.

He then (2008) weighed 66lbs, a gain of 6 lbs

Natural Healing for Pets


  • 1-2 tsp. powdered kelp
  •  1 head of organic kale
  •  1 head of romaine lettuce
  •  1 potato
  •  1 carrot
  •  1 stick of celery
  •  1 parsnip
  •  4 cloves of garlic

Using a 4 qt pot, add vegetables, (no onions), fill with water until vegetables are covered and simmer 45 minutes.(Freezes well)This broth is no longer used unless Boo has diarrhea.


2 cups quinoa (seed) to 5 cups water cooked 10 minutes until soft. (quinoa is loaded with protein.)

NOTE: Although quinoa is a known as a grain, but is actually a seed, it is wheat and gluten free. Millet can be substituted.

natural healing for pets

Zeeboo's Daily Menu
natural healing for pets

Boo’s Menu’s have evolved over the years. The only constant is “Forco”  3 meals per day - if dog has had severe diarrhea, divide into 4 meals/day


  • 1 Tbsp. of organic probiotic *yogurt (2.5% Fat)
  • Pinch of ginger powder ( not used at present)
  • 6 tabs Cal Phos  before a.m. and p.m. meal


  • 1 tablet of wild salmon oil
  • 1 Tbsp. Forco
  • 1 tab chlorella
  • ½ cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 raw egg with shell, or alternatively, ½ can of sardines (in water)
  • divided between a.m. & p.m. meal occasionally
  • ¼ tsp. kelp
  • 1 tab MSM joint repair
  • 250 g of Natural Instincts (raw) lamb
  • Mix with warm water
  • Food should not be cold- room temperature


  • 1 tbsp. Forco
  • 1 tab MSM joint repair
  • 250 g of Natural Instincts (raw) lamb
  • ½ cup of quinoa
  • Mix with warm water


  • 1 tab wild salmon oil
  • 1 tab chlorella
  • 1 tab MSM joint repair
  • 250 g Natural Instinct (raw) lamb
  • ½ cup quinoa
  • Mix with warm water

There you have it. Natural Healing for Pets works!!

Mary-Jo Morin


natural healing for pets

RIP Emily - 2002-2017

Emily is a small  greyhound, small enough that when people see her they say “Whippet? Greyhound?” She was born in Red Deer Alberta, around 2002.

She did not do well racing, so Emily was placed with the big retired greyhounds to fend for herself. Around 2003 she was rescued by the Northwest Canadian Greyhound League on Vancouver Island and fostered for a year until a woman in Victoria adopted her in 2005.

The first owner and Emily did not do well together. Emily came to her very anxious, afraid of everything and underweight. After a year of being with this family, she was skin and bones, stunk to high heaven, and would not eat the only food offered to her: dry kibble.

Emily's owner approached me in 2006, knowing that I worked with holistic pet care through Simple Remedies Herbal Solution (which I owned at the time). She wanted to try a holistic pet care approach with her 4-year old greyhound and asked if I could her her.

I asked to keep Emily with me at my house for one month so I could focus on getting her weight up and calm her extremely stressed nervous system through holistic pet care.

  After one month Emily no longer smelled, began to gain weight and was no longer fearful, especially of people, and became confident.

She was ready to go home

When I called her the owner to say Emily was ready to go, I was told she was going back to the Northwest Canadian Greyhound League to be put up for adoption.

I was surprised, so I called the Greyhound League and asked what would it take for me to adopt Emily. I was given an lengthy application and was told if they agreed we qualified, a home assessment would be done to make sure Emily could not escape the yard. We met the requirements and Emily became a part of our family.

The beginning to natural healing for pets

The first day Emily was with us we had a pound of organic butter on the counter - she took it and ate the entire pound.  She did this twice. She was in much need of fats and protein and had no fear of eating food as long as it was real food, not kibble  masquerading as 'natural' pet food!

  • I made bone soup and quinoa which I poured warm over raw meat and vegetables
  • I fed her ground tissue meat with liver and heart from Buddies Natural Pet Food and our local butcher shop
  • I grated raw vegetables
  • Three times a week she would get 2-3 raw egg yolk and raw goat milk
  • I added 1 tablespoon of Q's Super Greens for Animal Friends to her meal
  •  2 tablespoons of FORCO until her digestion was strong. She no longer needs the added FORCO, the amount in the super greens formula is enough.

Natural Healing for Pets

The first time I met Emily, she was three and already a nervous wreck! When she came to live with me a year later, she was still highly anxious and nervous. I began an herb program using a tincture called Home Alone (formerly known as StressX), essential oil of Lavender, and Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Essences. For one month, three to five times a day Emily would receive the herb program. She got to the point where, when we would get ready to go out and I'd go to the refrigerator to get the Home Alone, she would open her mouth ready to receive her calming remedy the second she saw the dropper. 

Natural Healing for Pets

Before every walk or outing she would get:

  • A dropper full of Naturpet - Home Alone - Nervine (formerly known as StressX) by NaturPet
  • 2-3 drops of Rescue Remedy For Pets - 10 mL by Bach Flowers, which was also added to the water for all our animal friends
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil of Lavender which I rubbed into my hand and I would start at the nape of the neck move down the spine and rub the last bit under her chest. I did it this way because dogs have very sensitive noses, and I don’t want to over-whelm her with Lavender.

Natural Healing for Pets

RIP Emily 2002-2017

Emily is 13 years  old (2015) and looks great in this photo! She was full of life and rarely got anxious.  She had very little gray, and still could out run a 9-month old puppy.

It was worth the time and effort to help Emily feel comfortable in her body and surroundings during her time on earth.

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