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One of the most amazing things that I have ever had the God given pleasure to speak in my life time this far is,"I WORK WITH DOGS". It took what felt like a life time to listen to my heart and soul and move forward into the realm of dogs.

Every single event in my life has added up to the moment of realizing that to be truly happy I must follow my passion and work with these angelic creatures. Over the years I have had the blessing of studying under some of life's true masters and the education that I have accumulated from this as well as life's personal lessons have lead me to a place where I am able to educate people upon the true nature of their beloved pet.
Combining my dog training skills with the use of Bach flower remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies, energy healing, intuitive abilities, nutritional wellness knowledge, education and teaching as well as the ability to communicate with animals I am able to understand what the best method in this moment is for helping people have a calm more balanced relationship with their dog. I also work with horses, rabbits, cats and have extended myself to volunteering in assisting with the rehabilitation of wild animals.

I absolutely love observing the relationship between dogs and their owners and am humbled each and every time that I can assist in anything from a life saving stop command to working within the mind and psyche of everyone involved in this relationship. Every dog that I meet holds a special meaning to me and I take this working relationship very personally.


Summer Heat - "what is wrong with my dog?"
By Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott

Ten years of running an over booked, running ragged, highly sought after dog training company has proved to me that I will get one month of rest each year in August right before summer heat begins to cast its effects on dogs. I am then bombarded with umpteen phone calls and emails from new and old shocked clients, wondering what’s wrong with their normally pretty well behaved dogs.

I now officially tell all of people that I work with that there are two seasons that their dogs will notably get nutty/aggressive/snarky/cranky/ fighting over their ball, toys, sticks, itchy, hot ,scratchy, bloated, farty in which you will find yourself scratching your head in wonder of what happened to your beloved dog.

I call this one season “oh yes summer heat rising”. I hear myself saying this in the wise voice of Mr. Miogi from the karate Kid movie.  I always tend to respond to these horrified phone calls just as my father would with this wise head nodding, smile on my face way of being, as I know exactly what is happening to their dog. Does anyone ever really know what is exactly happening with his or her dog? No, we are not meant to, but his is a whole other conversation.

Years ago I took this keen interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and behavioral wellness in dogs. It has helped tremendously in noticing varying degrees of illness and pain in dogs that in the observer’s point of view is strictly behavioral.  The challenge with treating a behavior as a behavior is that we often miss the underlying illness that may be trying to surface. When I notice a behavior that seemed to come out of nowhere I always recommend a blood panel just to rule illness, pain and disease out.

Far too often the negative blood panel shocks the Veterinarian, as the dog seems in perfect health.Yes, a handful of dog lives have been saved by people following advice of getting a blood panel done and yes, I am patting myself on the back right now!

Summer heat is one of these things that often tend to surface as a behavior rather than a symptom.  I suggest numerous herbs to my clients for the summer heat that can be found as close as your own backyard. Here are a few:

  • Dandelion leaf– rich in potassium, beta carotene, vitamins B, C and D, pancreatic regulator, *galactagogue, *cholagogue, bile duct  stimulant.
  • Nettle leaf– Very alkalizing to the blood, astringent, anti-inflammatory, *galactagogue. Rich in minerals, chlorophyll, vitamins, serotonin. Natural anti-histamine. Blood cleanser/purifier.
  • Kelp– anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant,  rich in carotene, iodine and chromium.

Hot Spots -Try calendula gel, aloe Vera gel, Colloidal  Silver topically. Look at feeding a real food diet and add super greens for animal friends to help with internal heat.

I imagine you are also asking yourself what your role is in all of this. My suggestion is that anytime your dog begins to display an unwanted negative behavior that it is in your best interest as well as your dog to have a vet check and a blood panel done. Ruling things out is one of my number one rules. I then suggest that when your vet tells you that nothing is alarming yet “we need to “watch“ the liver or kidneys”, it just may be time to run to your local dog-loving herbalist and get your pet on a program especially designed to support and balance the organs in question.  Then maybe, just maybe you may find that you have a healthy well-balanced dog for his or her entire lifetime.

Blessings on your adventures of sharing your life with a sentient being in a canine body…its tricky yet you are obviously heading down the right path if you have found yourself here!

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