Holistic Pet Care Class

Holistic pet care begins with what we feed our animal friend and by feeding them a species specific diet of raw and/or lightly cooked food is known to keep them strong and healthy. Taking the time to make their meal is easy and the foundation to their health and longevity!

This 2- hour class will give you the opportunity to better understand the importance of species specific diet for your dog and/or cat in which we will go over dietary needs and how easy it is to make homemade food for your animal friend.

Outline of PowerPoint Presentation

 History of the Pet Food Industry

Why Hydrochloric Acid is Essential for Digestion

Homemade and Raw Food

Bone and Vegetable Broth

How Much Should I Feed?

Super Greens For Animals

Natural First Aid Kit

Hands-On Food Preparation

Super Greens For Animal Friends

Super Green For Animal Friends is a blend of herbs, algae, sea vegetables and a *digestive formula to enhance well-being.

Super Greens:

  • Antioxidants; which are known to help the body’s immune system stay strong.
  • Predigested proteins to build the body and detoxify chemicals.
  • Digestive supporting herbs which activate enzymes and prebiotics for healthy intestinal flora.
  • A full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
  • Gentle blood cleansing properties, which impede the onset of arthritis and other degenerative diseases.
  • Gentle liver cleansing properties, which are known to support immune and hormonal health, impeding cancer and other immune system dis-eases.
  • Strong digestion and healthy elimination.

Natural First Aid Kit

Carola Schleuss

Carola Schleuss, a California State Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Bodywork/Energy Therapist and a  Herbalist, has been working with animal friends naturally for over 22 years. During her time (2003-2012) as owner and practitioner of Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions, in Victoria, BC, Canada, Carola had the opportunity to assist many animal friends into better health. Some animal friends were in very poor health and she is thankful to those veterinarians who work with animal friends naturally so she could refer to them when it was out of her scope of assistance. These veterinarians educate their patients on a whole real food diet, provide eastern and western herbal medicine and  homeopathic remedies, use acupuncture, Reiki and massage, and work with chiropractors who adjust animal friends.

Carola was a a contributor to the Herbal Collective Magazine, where she has been writing for animal friends from 2005 - 2016.

Carola began learning about natural pet remedies by reading many natural pet health books, which began her journey into taking care of her animal friends naturally. Two of her favorite books are the Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine textbook, and Kindred Spirits by Dr. Allen Schoen, in which he shares the story of why he learned how to treat dogs with hip dysplasia and other life-threatening  

Two of the first books she purchased on natural pet remedies were:  Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and Dr. Martin Goldstein's The Nature of Animal Healing. Reading these books back in 1995 inspired Carola begin applying natural remedies and feeding her animal friends homemade food. Today Carola has three dogs and three cats who remain healthy on a whole food diet, receiving Reiki and other bodywork therapies her special herbal formula Q's Super Greens for Animal Friends in their meals.

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