Herbal Natural Remedies

Nature has provided us with many herbal natural remedies which support and complement our wellness, both physical and emotional. Our well- being depends on what we eat, inhale and put on our body. This practice applies to our animal friends as well.

Nature has a pharmacopeia of herbal remedies such as clay, bark, roots, leaf, flowers, berries, seeds, oils, fragrances, and colour.

A beautiful, encompassing way to live your life naturally and well!


Making your own herbal and natural remedies can easily be done with:

  • essential oils
  • hydrosols
  • vodka
  • castile liquid soap
  • carrier oils and gels
  • sea and Himalayan salt
  • bees wax
  • dried and fresh herbs
  • apple cider vinegar
  • glycerin 
  • whole foods

Essential oils have been used since 1500 BC

Every medicine cabinet should contain Calendula and Arnica salve, cream or ointment, Witch Hazel, Rescue Remedy and homeopathic Arnica and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, myrrh, and helichrysum. This combination is the beginning of a first aid kit.

Making your own cleaning products, hair oil, perfume, body oil, massage oil, cream and salve to sooth and heal the skin can be made at home in your kitchen. 

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said

“the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”

Herbal Natural Remedies

Carrier oils are used to blend essential oils, make salves and creams, or just be applied directly on your skin.

Carrier oils like essential oils and herbal natural remedies have medicinal properties.

The beauty of herbal natural remedies is they can be used in so many ways:

  • compresses
  • poultice
  • massage
  • tea, tincture
  • hydrotherapy
  • sitz bath
  • inhaling through steam
  • cleaning
  • air freshener
  • protecting us when we have gatherings through diffusing oil into the air
  • medicinal uses for their anti-biotic, anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti-septic....properties.

There are many great books full of herbal natural remedies

When purchasing your ingredients  to make herbal natural remedies make sure you choose:

  • carrier oils that are food grade quality or essential oils that are not synthetic

Cheap carrier oils are toxic because they have oxidized from exposure to  light, and have been overheated and processed with chemical solvents. They can easily become rancid.

Synthetic essential oils can cause allergies; respiratory or skin.

Pure therapeutic essential oils make a big difference on our olfactory and lymphatic systems.

Learn how to make some of your own remedies, they're simple, rewarding and fun!


What we put on our body does matter, what we inhale does matter.  Remember our body has to detoxify anything we come into contact with.

When I was a child up to my early 30's I was sensitive to all fragrances, especially synthetic perfumes which caused allergies; constant sneezing and headaches. It wasn't until I used herbal natural remedies for my liver and digestive health. Though it took me about two years, was I able to wear natural essential oils as perfume and smell the flowers in the spring. 

Battling with depression can be challenging. We can lose interest in life, and when we are depressed it is hard to want to take care of ourselves.

Depression can be remedied. It is important to have support and tools which assist us through times of depression.  Many of us have suffered from depression, chronic or transient.  When I feel depressed, the first thing I do is check in with myself and ask:

  • Am I depressed or do I need a holiday?
  • Am I run down?
  • Is it my monthly cycle?
  • Am I overwhelmed?
  • Do I need more exercise?
  • Am I seeing too much sadness in the world?
  • Is it the Winter Blues?
  • Am I deficient in Vitamin D3?
  • Am I having challenges in my relationship/s; home, work...

I find using herbal natural remedies and food therapy very beneficial and I find when I use this combination my mood lifts quickly.  Depression natural remedies can be as simple as using some herbs and essential oils along with nutritional therapy and checking in with yourself. 

Herbs and Essential oils are known to help lift the mood. Herbs such as  St. John’s Wort flower, sage  leaf and rosemary leaf. Essential oils of Bergamot, German Chamomile,  Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lemon, Melissa, Neroli, Rose Geranium, Sage and Ylang Ylang.

If you have tried everything and are still feeling depressed, you may have emotional dysregulation.  EEG-Neurofeedback is known to help retrain the brain bring you back to your true self. 

Herbal Natural Remedies

Having daily bowel movements is essential for health. If we battle with constipation our colon may need to be cleansed. Colon cleansing naturally can be as simple as giving yourself enough time to have a bowel movement in the morning. Our large intestine is most active from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.  I battled with constipation most of my childhood and into my early 30s.

When I look back I can see that there was a lot of stress in my life, I did not have enough healthy bacteria, I was on too many pharmaceuticals, my  food choices were poor, I was always in a hurry and I did not allow myself time in the morning to have a bowel movement. Not good!

At one time in China the doctor would only be paid if his patients were well. Doctors would look at their patients' feces to make a diagnoses of what was going on internally, and they also used tongue and pulse diagnoses. Our feces can tell us a lot about what is going on in our body. Our bowel movements should be firm, dark to medium brown, unless we are eating lots of beets or super greens, and should not have foul odour.

  • smelly flatulence
  • smelly bowel movements
  • bad breath
  • bad body odour

May be a toxic colon due to constipation and lack of healthy bacteria.

There are many herbal natural remedies which support intestinal health. Herbs such as Aloe Vera juice aloe vera, Fennel seed foenicuium vulgare and Sea Vegetables; kelp ascophyllum nodosum, Dulce rhodymenia palmata,  bladderwrack fucus vesiciosis

Eating a whole food diet and having fermented or cultured food or drink 1 to 3 times a day is the key to a healthy colon and digestion and a strong immune system. Fermented drinks such as 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in warm water, Rejuvelac, kefir, Kombucha are a few.

Fermented Drinks provide us with:

  • B vitamins especially biotin
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin K
  • healthy bacteria
  • better digestion
  • better absorption of nutrients from our food
  • health building enzymes
  • amino acids


There are many kinds of natural remedies which can be used for coughing

  • There is a class of herbs known as anti-tussive which prevents or relieves cough; horehound, fenugreek, mullein, plantain, coltsfoot, wild cherry bark, valerian root, loquat, fritillary fruit and cayenne pepper are some
  • There are foods which help cleanse the lungs and support upper respiratory health; leafy greens, onions, garlic, ginger, cayenne, miso
  • There are modalities which help our immune and lymphatic systems when we are ill or run down; acupuncture, massage, infra- red saunas

  • There are essential oil rubs and steams; peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme and rosemary
  • There are salts for steams and soaking in the tub; Himalayan salt, dead sea salts, Epsom salt, sea salt

There are two kinds of cough and knowing which one you have will help determine your natural and herbal cough remedy.

  1. a dry cough calls for moisture added to the mucous membrane so the very sticky phlegm can be loosened and expelled. 
  2. a wet phlegm cough calls for herbs or foods which dry phlegm and expel excess mucus.

One of my herbal natural remedies is cayenne tincture for a dry cough

Herbs which help support upper respiratory health

fenugreek, marshmallow, mullein, thyme, pau d'arco,  barley grass

Essential oils which support upper respiratory health for dry or wet cough

eucalyptus, peppermint, oregano, rosemary, frankincense, thyme, geranium, cinnamon

Take a little time and learn which plants and foods keep you, your family and if your have, your animal family healthy. 

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