Foot Reflexology Chart 
Traditional Foot Reflexology
50 minute session $55

Learning your body's systems through a foot reflexology  chart and applying that new knowledge in your health care plan is great and wonderful way to keep yourself well.

Receiving a traditional foot reflexology session allows you to fully experience the deep relaxation and many other health benefits reflexology has to offer.

Foot reflexology shows you how to improve digestion! A series of foot reflexology sessions will teach you which food and herbs help strengthen your digestion.

Struggling with anxiety? Foot reflexology is self-help for anxiety.

  • Soak your feet in very warm water with therapeutic essential oil of lavender for 20 minutes.
  • Drink a cup of chamomile tea while soaking your feet.
  • After 20 minutes, massage each foot with a little oil and lavender or your favorite calming foot cream for about 10 minutes, focusing on the area of the feet that  reflects  the adrenal glands and solar plexus.

What a great natural health remedy - Foot Reflexology! 

Foot Reflexology Chart

Working all 12 systems of the body, the recipient feels deep relaxation as the movement of energy flows through them creating a state of calm and quiet. Moving energy allows the increase of circulation, returning the body to its balanced state. 

Our feet, hands and ears are a mirror of our body's system

  1. Liver/Gallbladder
  2. Digestive system; Stomach/spleen/pancreas/small and large intestines
  3. Endocrine system; the glands adrenals, thyroid, thymus, pituitary, pineal, ovaries and testes.
  4. Respiratory system; olfactory and lungs
  5. Lymphatic system
  6. Reproductive system
  7. Kidney/Urinary bladder
  8. Central nervous system
  9. Immune system
  10. Muscular system
  11. Skeletal system
  12. Circulatory system; heart and blood

What should you expect?

  • Foot Reflexology is done on a massage table with a BioMat.
  • Wear loose clothing with pants that can easily be rolled up.
  • You will be supine (on your back).
  • I will  have open communication about what levels of pressure are most comfortable for you, and will answer any questions you may have during the session.
  • When session is done I will share my assessment.
  • The session is one hour long.

How often should you receive?

  • Reflexology is most effective when you have regular sessions, especially while first addressing long-term imbalances. I suggest once to twice a week for one month, followed by a reassessment. When the body is balanced, once to twice a month or as needed for maintenance.
  • As needed for relaxation or moving stagnation.

Foot Reflexology Chart

  • Reflexology eases stress by sending messages to the brain where they are processed and then are sent back to regions of the body.
  • While messages are being sent to the brain, they are also being sent to the motor system, causing it to modify its levels of tension. If this is triggered appropriately, then a decrease in stress results as well as an increase of circulation.
  • Signals from the brain also carry with them oxygen and food which go to needy body parts. When an individual has a low level of stress and good circulation, the body is better able to transport nutrients and oxygen.
  • A decrease in stress makes a person’s circulation increase endorphins within the body, which enables the endorphins to go more quickly to where they are needed. The endorphins are specifically shunted through the body because of the arousal caused at the points of pressure on the feet; this leads to a decrease in stress.
  • Better circulation is the result of lower stress levels for all system within the body. Because the lymphatic system and digestive system are affected by an increase in circulation, an improvement in eliminating toxins from the body is witnessed.

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Craniosacral and Foot Reflexology Combination- 1 hr. 15 min ........................... $75

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