Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine

Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), over 5000 years of natural healing from East Asia. The fundamental belief of TCM is that the body's yin/yang must be in balance for optimal health and this can be obtained through proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, herbal remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork therapies.

Yin and Yang is in all,  everything in creation has Yin/Yang – Everything in creation is covered by Heaven and supported by Earth. –*Inner Classic

*The ancient Chinese medical classic, more completely translated as the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.

Yin and Yang in the physical body

  • Yin organs store blood, body fluids and essence, and guard them as precious essence.
  • Yang organs transform and change. Constantly filled, emptied,  transformed, transported and excreted.


  1. Liver 
  2. Heart
  3. Spleen
  4. Kidneys
  5. Lungs
  6. Pericardium


  1. Gallbladder
  2. Small intestines
  3. Stomach
  4. Bladder
  5. Large Intestine 
  6. Triple Warmer

Governing and Conception Vessel are two branches of the same source, and inseparable Yin and Yang, front and back duality.

Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM listens to the body's six pulses to see which meridian (bio-chemical or energy pathways) may not be flowing optimally. The six pulses and the meridians correlate with our body’s organs, systems and glands.  Meridians are channels of energy which flow beneath the skin’s surface.

The meridians:

  • Heart and Small Intestine
  • Stomach and Spleen
  • Lung and Large Intestine
  • Liver and Gallbladder
  • Kidney and Urinary Bladder
  • Pericardium and Triple Heater
  • Conception Vessel and Governing Vessel

TCM looks at the orchestration of our body through the pulses, tongue, skin, feces, urine, and fingernails. When you see a Chinese Doctor or Acupuncturist, part of their diagnostic process is also to look at your tongue, your skin tone, and your face. Some will even look at your fingernails.

Do you know the face never lies?

TCM is about connecting with your body, your environment, and your emotions.

  • Do you know the liver houses the emotions of anger, irritability and impatience when out of balance or flow?
  • Do you know when the liver is functioning as it should it allows us to feel calm, focused and grounded?

  • Do you know the liver aids in digestion, as does the spleen?

  • Do you know blood is made in the spleen, heart (and a small amounts)  kidneys?
  • Do you know the liver stores the blood, and when a person is active the blood flows to the muscles and sinews (tendons)? And that when a human lies down the blood flows back to the liver where it is stored to regenerate?
  • Do you know foods that aid digestion are usually bitter, sour, pungent and/or salty?

TCM teaches us that food has healing properties.

  • Do you know food and herbs have thermal energetics and can help support your health and/or strengthen your digestion and immune systems?

TCM uses uses the flavour and thermal energetics of Chinese herb medicine to assist our well-being.
TCM takes a whole body approach by looking at your entire body’s systems. The Chinese Doctor listens to your body, making sure it is flowing and absorbing all it needs for a healthy life.

TCM teaches us the importance of movement for healthy digestion, circulation and emotions through Tai-Qi, Chi-Gong, vigorous walks and yoga.

  • Do you know movement helps keep our Qi flowing?

Qi – “energy” “matter” – “matter-energy”

Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine

Articles By Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM. Dip., R. TCM. P., R.Ac.

Living and Eating with the Season

Gigi Vincentine began her studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan. After living there for over 4 ½ years, she was drawn to Victoria to complete a five- year Doctor of TCM program at the International College of TCM.  Gigi later returned to China to complete an intensive internship at Zhejian University Hospital in HangZhou.

She has successfully challenged the Acupuncture and Herbal Board Exams and is currently a Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist under the College of TCM in British Columbia, Canada.  Gigi has over ten years of clinical experience in Acupuncture, Herbology, Tui Na Massage, Moxa, Cupping, Reflexology and GuaSha.  Her experience and practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation bring a soothing sense of peace to her patients.
The inspiration to study Chinese Medicine was a result of the many interactions Gigi shared with TCM Doctors while living and working in Taiwan. The Chinese culture and Taoist way of life had a forceful impact on her.

The wonders of the human spirit, mind and body continue to feed her passion


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