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As a Holistic Nutrition Educator Misty educates and assists her clients in practicing a real food holistic lifestyle specializing in metabolic syndrome and digestion.   Maintaining an 85lb. weight loss for 13+ years, Misty is able to help her client’s transition to a healthier lifestyle producing permanent life changing results. Many clients have experienced dramatic and permanent weight loss, normalization of digestion, elimination of medications and increased energy and vitality. As a holistic coach, Misty encourages making a healthy transition to a more enjoyable and sustainable disease free life.

Blood Sugar, Disease Prevention and Weight Management

By Misty Humphrey N.E.

New discoveries are made every day in human health. One that remains constant though is the importance of blood sugar regulation. Most do not give second thought to their blood glucose numbers until a physician points this out or one begins feeling the negative side effects of this fluctuation. Glucose is the sugar converted from carbohydrate foods in the blood stream. 

What is the normal blood sugar range you should look for? The lab values for safe fasting blood glucose numbers are 70-90 mg/dl. More accurately, asking your physician for a 3 month average is your best indicator of blood sugar health.  This is referred to as your hemoglobin A1c and should be measured along with your yearly blood work. 

Most commonly felt is that of the blood sugar “low”. This below normal blood sugar state is referred to as hypoglycemia. Once your blood sugar drops below the “safe zone” of 70 mg/dl, the body goes into emergency mode with symptoms varying in severity including anxiety, sweating, palpitations, nausea and weakness.  Once food is eaten, the blood sugar returns to normal and symptoms disappear though not without some residual feeling of exhaustion. 

On the rise however, is not only your blood sugar numbers but an increased diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. This once rare disease we termed “adult onset diabetes” is now affecting our children beginning at very young ages.    Common signs that your blood sugar may be higher than normal include sweet aroma to urine, frequent urination, dry mouth, blurry vision and dry skin.

Blood sugar regulation is becoming more and more difficult to sustain with dietary advice to lower our fat which consequently brought on an abundance of overly processed “low fat” food options. 

Your blood glucose levels are more important than you might think. This very important mechanism maintains homeostasis or “balance in the body”  which has domino effects on many body systems including but not limited to the heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, skin and weight loss or gain. Unfortunately, this mechanism can be over ridden and we’re proving successful in not only over riding but altering our DNA as a result. 

So many will struggle with their weight today and with the recommendations to lower fat in the diet, more and more have focused on fat calorie restriction rather than that of quality food consumption and refined carbohydrate restriction.  This advice has only left us stranded on the blood sugar roller coaster with an increased appetite and consequently, a bulging waistline which is contributing to nutrient deficiencies and a host of preventive medical ailments. Organizations such as The Nutrition & Metabolism Society have shown in studies time and again that blood sugar regulation is in fact one of the most efficient paths to a smaller waist line.

While blood sugar regulation is perhaps one of the most important factors in human health, it is also one of the easiest steps one can take in self care, if managed early.  As the cell becomes inundated with glucose, the high circulating insulin in the bloodstream can in time make this task more difficult to manage.
One enlightening project is that of self- monitor one's blood sugar with a blood glucose meter.  This can be done both easily and inexpensively.  It is like giving yourself a sneak peak of your body’s ability to properly metabolize and assimilate your food, the raw materials of a healthy body.

Begin your blood sugar regulation diet today. Just by eliminating your intake of processed snack items, normalization begins in minutes.

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