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Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott

Founder of Connective Training

training from the heart

One of the most amazing things that I have ever had the God given pleasure to speak in my life time this far is,"I WORK WITH DOGS". It took what felt like a life time to listen to my heart and soul and move forward into the realm of dogs.
Every single event in my life has added up to the moment of realizing that to be truly happy I must follow my passion and work with these angelic creatures. Over the years I have had the blessing of studying under some of life's true masters and the education that I have accumulated from this as well as life's personal lessons have lead me to a place where I am able to educate people upon the true nature of their beloved pet.
Combining my dog training skills with the use of Bach flower remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies, energy healing, intuitive abilities, nutritional wellness knowledge, education and teaching as well as the ability to communicate with animals I am able to understand what the best method in this moment is for helping people have a calm more balanced relationship with their dog. I also work with horses, rabbits, cats and have extended myself to volunteering in assisting with the rehabilitation of wild animals.

I absolutely love observing the relationship between dogs and their owners and am humbled each and every time that I can assist in anything from a life saving stop command to working within the mind and psyche of everyone involved in this relationship. Every dog that I meet holds a special meaning to me and I take this working relationship very personally.

Behavior Dog Training

The LIVER, oh my Gosh, where does one start?? Where does it end?? First of all I will write its name in capital letters as it deserves such glory. Oh the LIVER. Here goes..... I once had a veterinarian tell me that you cannot rid the dog of aggression until you clear the LIVER.

This claim fell upon me as I wrangled my new 11 month old rescue Pomeranian Pug cross into said vet and had to assist his assistants in his handling and care as he was behaving like a small ,fuzzy, red piranha. This Pom cross is known to us as Pepper, or Poot De Doot when he is being kind and not trying to launch a full assault on all humans and dogs.

After drawing blood from this gnashing, thrashing, devil dog, we found his liver enzymes to be way above average. No kidding?! The vet then told me that fancy quote from the beginning of this article and then told me we would have to watch Peppers LIVER for his full lifetime.

"Not on my watch", I replied and promptly went to the herb store (that my dear friend Carola owned) and purchased some Milk Thistle and Dandelion herbs and began Peppers detox program. A mere 6 or 7 weeks later I returned to said vet and had Peppers blood re-examined...with little to no fight from Poot De Doot and the results proved that I had successfully brought his LIVER back into a normal range.

I share my life with 5 or more dogs and there are at least 2 times of the year that my intuition and my dogs’ obvious reactivity become one and I put all of the dogs on some sort of liver cleansing herb I do so for about 6 weeks or so and watch the magic occur. Each and every time they relax back into their less annoying, reactive selves and no one gets hurt.

Thank you LIVER herbs. Now as for my dog training practice, I receive the highest volume of phone calls and registrations from distressed owners sharing their aggressive dog stories with me in the Spring season and again at the end of the summer.  Is this time to clear out your dog’s LIVER and give it some support, I would say so. For years 11years I have sent heated angry, aggressive dogs to the vet for a blood panel to look at LIVER, kidneys and thyroid.

The LIVER stands alone in its ability to throw the dog into a tailspin of other illnesses and imbalances that I'm sure Carola will be happy to share with you.

I’m simply here to entertain you and tell you that 'Carola told you so".

In a perfect world we would feed our dogs a whole food, natural, raw diet and we would support their sensitive bodies with cleansing herbs, probiotics and some LIVER supporting fats. We would not ask them to eat kibble day in and day out and plug up their livers, spleens, pancreas’s, which then seems lead to kidney, thyroid and ligament challenges.

We wouldn't. If you truly, truly love your pets like you say you do and like you feel you do, you would invest in keeping them healthy and well during all of the seasons by following mother natures natural way with them.

I’m sure Carola will be happy to get you started.

Blessing and love your dog enough to give them a perfect world.

PS, Poot de Doot is now 12 years young and hikes with me up to 3 hours a day as well as schools dogs for me in my training business. He is happy, healthy, loving, and vocal about his opinions and at 10 years of age his vet told me he had the best teeth that she had ever seen on a dog his age. On  recent blood panel his liver enzymes proved to be high again, so "we brought them down with herbs and a full raw food diet. Nothing but he best for these creatures whom share their hearts an souls with us each and every day.

 "Words cannot describe how grateful Marshall and I are for the training we received through Michele at Connective Training. We adopted Marshall not six weeks ago and through training with Michele have definitely eased his anxiety in coming to his new home. She is a gifted trainer who really understands both the needs of the dog and the human both of whom she teaches to live together in harmony."

 Ann Wilson

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