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Carola Schleuss

Part of my self-care journey was learning about whole food nutrition when I became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. In 1990, at the age of 26, I met my life partner Skip, who encouraged me to look into becoming a nutritionist so I could help myself.

In 1993, I began a 750-hour 2-year holistic nutrition program through the  Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, an accredited program. I completed the program and received certification as a Nutrition Consultant.  Cathy Crystal, one of my instructors, was also a herbalist; she always had either a liver formula or digestive formula brewing for her students and  taking these herbal remedies had a profound, positive effect on my emotional and physical health. I then studied with herbalist and acupuncturist Christopher Hobbs at the American School of Herbalism and also studied Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal program. I have a deep appreciation for the theory of Chinese Medicine which was also very helpful in my healing journey and led me to take The Foundations to TCM at Pacific Rim College. I use this theory in my nutrition practice, for both people and animal friends.

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What is exciting about this page is that others might be able to share and give us insight that directly relates to your question through their own experiences.
I find that we learn by others' experiences; there is no question too embarrassing or personal that I haven't answered. We talk about stress, fatigue, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, fungus and yeast conditions, bowel movements and more.
Whole food nutrition is key to you, your children or animal friends becoming healthier. Taking the time to know which foods and herbs are best suited for each individual is imperative to overall health.
The food we eat is the foundation to our emotional and physical health. The physical body needs proper nourishment to support the emotional body and our emotional body needs proper nutrition to remain calm, focus and grounded.

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