Animal Friend Testimonials
Holistic animal care begins by making changes to the way you feed them.


I have been using holistic pet care on Rubee since she was 12 weeks old. She is fed a combination of raw meat, raw bones, fish oils, fresh vegetables and fruit.  Rubee is now four years old and she has never had to go to the vet. She is lean, silky, happy and healthy. The main reason I chose to feed her raw was because she had such a hard time digesting the high end kibble the breeder had suggested. When she would poop, she would turn around and eat it as it still smelled like kibble. Her breed is also known to have a short lifespan, with hip dysplasia and cancer being common causes of death before the age of five.

I researched the BARF diet initially and found a lot of evidence suggesting raw food was the way to toward holistic pet care. I tried, and after that first raw meal of green beef tripe, egg yolk and bone I had a bouncy happy puppy who didn't eat her own poop! Not to mention the poop was half the size and disintegrated within a week! Since then she has had nothing but real food. No wheat, corn or fillers. She now devours full chicken legs, ground beef, lamb necks, organs, eggs, raw milk, yoghurt, full broccoli stalks, apples...the list goes on. She is a help in my kitchen as she eats most of the stuff I throw in the compost.

To make sure she is getting all her minerals and trace minerals I add Q's Super Greens for Animal Friends to her meals. 

I don't make a lot of money, but I feel it is the same cost to feed her raw as it is to buy a big bag of commercial pet food from the vet. Plus the fact I do not have vet bills. 

Rubee is worth it! 

Melisa Kavanaugh

Animal Friend Testimonials for Older Dogs


We were rather slow to accept the need for our large shepherd/husky/something else dog to stop eating dry kibble, since dog food company health claims and the comparative expense & "fuss" of homemade moist foods made us hesitate.  5 months ago our dog Mac developed gastric problems and basically stopped eating for several days, which provided the impetus to change his diet.

    Natural Pet Food

His evening meal which now centres around 2 cups of baked meatloaf made of ground meat (chicken, pork, beef - whatever's on sale!), rice, and egg.  To this we add 3/4 c. of raw or cooked vegetables.  His favourites are broccoli, bok choy, green beans, peas, sweet potato, turnip, grated carrot, lettuce & cabbage - actually he doesn't turn down any vegetables that we've offered!  He also devours a huge Omega 3 capsule, 2 1000 IU vitamin D3 pills, and 2 glucosamine sulfate tablets - all the same as I use.  The finishing touch ingredient is about 1/2 T. of Q's Super Greens for Animal Friends formulated by Carola Schleuss.   

In the morning Mac gets 1/2 c. of "meatloaf" or a good-quality canned dog food plus 3/4 c. of any of the above vegetables, warmed to room temperature like his evening meal. Within a few weeks of changing his diet, Mac's energy & eagerness to eat improved, plus most noticeably all of his movements became easier & he no longer occasionally limps when running.  He can enjoy "fetching" again!  His coat is shinier, even without having a bath!  Other dog owners assume he's in the prime of life instead of being classified as "elderly".

We're often wary of "testimonials" like this, thinking them fake or exaggerated.  Our combined human/canine family really believes this one, though!

Connie & Bruce More

RIP Mac  2016 he was 15 1/2 years of age

Great resource books, a wonderful way to build your knowledge and awareness for your animal friend/s

Animal Friend Testimonials
Nourishment begins by making changes to the way you feed and supplement your animal friend.

For years I have been using herbs to help myself and my animals stay healthy.  My name is Cindy Schleuss and because of my sister’s vast knowledge in nutrition and herbs, she has helped me completely change the way I feed myself and my animals.

I am a horse rehab specialist by trade, so getting the horses back on the road in the best of health is number one. 


People keep asking why our horses look so healthy and they definitely catch one's eye. I have changed the diet of the horses so that they no longer get any sugar or grains in their diet.  

We feed: Hay; a variety - Oat pellets -Herbs -Supplements, mostly for joint support

We use kelp as a vitamin mineral supplement, and we feed various herbs to support the horse’s liver, kidneys, nervous system, lymphatic system, and one to keep the body mending. 

I believe that the herbs we use are the biggest reason the horses heal and stay as healthy as they do.

Herb we use for the horses

Nervous System

  • Chamomile
  • Blue vervain
  • Passion flower

Ulcer Preventative

  • Slippery elm
  • Hydrangea

Lymphatic and Organs

  • Red clover leaf and flower
  • Dandelion leaf
  • Milk seed thistle
  • Burdock root

Cell Re-builder 

  • Comfrey

My cats and dogs are fed the same herbs and only raw food

The difference in the feel of their coats alone is worth the change of diet. 

Like the horses, their coats shine and they are staying very healthy.  We just rescued three feral kittens and have them on a raw diet.  I don’t think I have ever seen such healthy kittens, again, the shine of their coats is eye catching. 

What I notice to be different with these kittens is:

  • Their eyes are super clear
  • The litter box doesn’t smell 
  • Their feces and urine output is very little and without odor, oh so nice to the nose!

Animal Friend Testimonials

Petey & Lucy

I began feeding my Chihuahua Petey a raw food diet when I discovered a whole food diet for myself while searching for a sustainable way to shed 85lbs.  Petey did not begin his life with me on a raw diet.  When I first obtained my beloved little guy I purchased what I thought was the best kibble on the market.  

That is what responsible animal owners do after all right?

As I was learning about diet for my own life, I was consistently reading the word “species appropriate” and this made me pause…..was my Petey eating a species appropriate diet?  As I began to delve into this subject deeper, I learned of the B.A.R.F. concept otherwise known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Instantly, a light bulb went off and I began to think critically about the dry, grain containing food I was feeding.

That very day I began making homemade dog food with chicken, egg yolk, liver, greens, bone meal and omega 3.  Petey was very young when I made this revelation and subsequent shift in his diet so it was very easy to transition him over a one week period.

In hindsight, I know that this was the best choice for my sweet little boy. 

You see, Petey was a C-Section baby and until I began studying and consulting with Carola, I didn’t understand how compromised his health was from the un-natural emergency delivery of his beginnings.  Even on a raw food diet, Petey was suffering from digestive distress. 

He would have bouts of alternating vomiting and diarrhea sometimes with a touch of blood.  Shortly thereafter, my poor little guy ended up with an infected anal gland.  I immediately consulted with Carola Schleuss due to her extensive knowledge with animal husbandry.  Carola recommended I add probiotics to Petey’s daily meals and imagine my surprise when she advised me that this would assist in preventing both digestive distress and anal gland infection! 

Once I began this practice, Petey has not had one incident since.  We are now excited to obtain our greens supplement specially formulated by Carola!

We were fortunate enough to adopt a female that mirrors Petey.  We were introduced to Lucy just 2 years ago and immediately started this pup on the transition to a raw food diet.   We have taken additional steps to research the benefits of holistic choices for our own health and much of what we study benefits the whole family, human and animals alike. 

We have researched the benefits of colloidal silver as a natural remedy for ourselves and have seen a great deal of evidence of the benefit for Petey and Lucy in the fight against worms and parasites. This is something we add to their water bowl infrequently.

Both dogs are healthy and happy and our trips to the vet have subsided.  I can’t thank Carola enough for this valuable advice for our special little friends. 

Misty Humphrey

Holistic pet care; simple, easy and natural

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