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Way of Life Matters Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Herbs for digestion and a healthy mind
July 28, 2014
On your way to a healthier you!

When you suffer from digestive problems, it is important to use herbs that will help your body digest the food you eat so it can be assimilated and eliminated. Herbs that are great for dispersing gas and stabilizing the digestive system are usually pungent: ANISE SEED, CAYENNE, CARAWAY, CINNAMON, FENNEL, GINGER ROOT, LICORICE, PEPPERMINT, THYME.

Bitter herbs help those who suffer from constipation. These herbs are: DANDELION ROOT AND LEAF, CHAMOMILE FLOWER, BARBERRY ROOT, OREGON GRAPE ROOT, BURDOCK ROOT, MILK THISTLE SEED.

Bitter herbs are known to help us secrete Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) so we can digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, produce healthy bacteria and destroy parasites. For those who suffer from ACID REFLUX, bitters are very important because the stomach lining is not secreting HCL, and ACID REFLUX results because the food is purifying in the stomach. Bitters are also known to stop Candida Yeast Over-growth. Herbs which produce enzymes are: ALFALFA LEAF, BARLEY GRASS, CHLORELLA, DANDELION GREENS, NETTLE LEAF, SPIRULINA, SEA VEGETABLES (Dulse, kelp)


If you suffer from diarrhea, make sure your food is not raw and you are eating or taking healthy bacteria-rich food. Sauerkraut, kombucha mushroom, and rejuvelac are just a few. Herbs which stop diarrhea are: AGRIMONY, CARDAMOM, CINNAMON, HAWTHORN BERRIES/LEAF/FLOWER, PRICKLY ASH, RASPBERRY LEAVES, SCHISANDRA BERRIES, STRAWBERRY LEAVES, WILD CHERRY.

When there is stress in your life and you are feeling IRRITABLE, OVERWHELMED or WORRIED it is best to drink your nourishment, because by-passing digestion allows your food to be easily assimilated.

My favorite herbs are known as SUPER because of their high nutrient content; they set up pre-biotics, are predigested proteins and are slightly bitter. These SUPER GREENS are: ALFALFA LEAF, BARLEY GRASS, CHLORELLA, NETTLE LEAF, SEA VEGETABLES (dulse, kelp), SPIRULINA, WHEAT GRASS.

SUPER GREENS mix easily in organic apple juice, berry juice, smoothies and protein drinks. Some people like to leave the sea vegetables out, but you can add sea vegetables for their trace minerals into your bone soup or potassium soup broth. I have a lovely Super Green Energy Drink I formulated under SUPER ENERGY GREENS on the navigator bar. This blend is also great for stress and anxiety due to its high B vitamin content and MACA ROOT (known as an adaptogen which helps the body adapt to stress). Drinking a Bitter Tonic before each meal is the best way to strengthen the digestive system.

A tonic is a blend of herbs which supplements or supports general or specific systems and is used in cases of deficiency and weakness. You can pick up Swedish Bitters at your local health food store or you can make them yourself. Herbs used in a blend for a Bitter Tonic are: DANDELION ROOT GENTIAN FENNEL CHAMOMILE TURMERIC BURDOCK ROOT BLACK WALNUT CARDAMOM GINGER CALAMUS RHUBARB

Place herbs into a dark glass jar. Add brandy or vodka and fill until liquid is 1” over herbs. Place in a dark spot, shake jar once or twice every day, and continue for 2 weeks to 3 months; the longer the stronger. Strain through a cheese cloth, squeezing out as much liquid you can. Compost herbs, place your digestive tonic into a dark jar and take 1 tsp. in water before each meal.

When we are able to nourish our body we are also nourishing our brain, which provides us with a healthy mind and a strong immune system.

If you want to learn hands-on ways to HEAL YOUR GUT NATURALLY go to WORKSHOPS on the navigator bar.

If you have battled long-term digestive issues due to longstanding stress or post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) you might want to look into EEG-NEUROFEEDBACK. Go to ASK THE PRACTITIONER under EEG-NEUROFEEDBACK on the navigator bar.

Stay well through what nature has so readily provided for us.

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